181+ Latest Case Study Topics for Students to Think About

An Overview of Case Study

Case studies have been widely used in business teaching for a long time. But nowadays, researchers regard them as a good research methodology. This can help them explore the problem they could not address with their traditional methodologies.

Latest Case Study Topics for Students to Think About

By using the case study method, you can get a better understanding of your own subject matter. 3 topics are fundamental in the method- the case study nature, the role of theory, and the difference between the research and teaching cases.

After recognizing these 3 fundamentals, 3 major features of the qualitative methodology are considered. These are – how qualitative research differs from the quantitative research study.

You can see from the discussion that the case study method has a major scholarly merit to the quantitative research, opening up new paths for the researchers. This paper concludes with references to the case method as well as qualitative research.

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How to Find Good Case Study Topics?

  • Choose something that you are really interested in
  • Narrow down your main idea into specific points
  • Explore similar research ideas on the given topic
  • Identify the problem as well as solutions on your given topic

Case Study Topics on Various Academic Subjects

Psychology Case Study Topics

  1. Dyslexia and Cognitive Neuroscience
  2. Intelligence vs creativity
  3. Relation of Landscape Paintings with my art
  4. Relation between Intelligence, Logic and Creativity
  5. Reflective essay on pointing analysis
  6. Essay on “Legacy of Andy Warhol”
  7. Essay on storytelling
  8. ADHD treatment
  9. Critical Analyses on Creativity vs. Intelligence
  10. Creativity in problem-solving

Case Study Topics in Education

  1. Impact of online education
  2. Online vs. offline classes
  3. Modern education
  4. Education for special kids
  5. Benefits of pursuing higher education
  6. Pros and cons of studying abroad
  7. Should school education be made free?
  8. Adult education
  9. Degree vs diploma
  10. Public vs. private schools

Sociology Case Study Topics 

  1. Ethnicity race nationality
  2. Youth culture
  3. Mass media
  4. Gender and sexuality
  5. Social moments
  6. Communities’ cult clan
  7. Social inequalities
  8. Consumerism
  9. Women’s empowerment in the society
  10. Cast creed cult

Case Study Topics in Nursing

  2. Renal Failure
  3. Head Injury
  4. New Patient Care
  5. GERD (GI)
  6. Influenza
  7. Pediatric Abdominal Pain
  8. Depression

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Media Case Study Topics

  1. Impact of online social media on everyday life
  2. Effect of social media on children
  3. The present role of social media in local and global communication
  4. Role of media in entertainment
  5. Media role in banning
  6. Media role in news
  7. Pros and cons of social media
  8. The global influence of social media
  9. Ho to make the best use of social media
  10. Media role in global marketing

Biology Case Study Topics

  1. Coronaviridae – evolution, causes, and symptoms
  2. Immortality in the animal world
  3. Ebola – evolution, causes, and symptoms
  4. Plant pathology
  5. Rare genetic disorders
  6. Organ transplantation
  7. Human memory
  8. Human hormones
  9. Basic principles of cloning
  10. Is obesity hereditary?

Criminal Justice Case Study Topics

  1. Why is it important in perinatal terms?
  2. Is the research topic on criminal justice good enough to study?
  3. Can a written assignment be converted into a speech?
  4. Does a criminal justice research paper have global importance?
  5. What are some counter-opinions?
  6. Does the topic meet all grading rubric points?
  7. Can it be reviewed? Coo person essay and its analysis paper?
  8. What additional information can be included?
  9. Is any other serious research paper available?
  10. Practical application of criminal justice research paper

Marketing Project Case Study Topics

  1. SWOT analysis
  2. Boston matrix
  3. PESTEL analysis
  4. Local vs. global marketing
  5. Market positioning
  6. Advertisement
  7. Most benefit analysis
  8. Market intermediaries
  9. Pricing
  10. 4 P’s of marketing

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Information Technology Case Study Topics

  1. Ecology vs. Biodiversity Conservation
  2. Challenges of software development in modern times
  3. Energy vs. Environment
  4. Ethical vs. unethical hacking
  5. Evolution of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)
  6. Semantic methods in debugging
  7. Python programming language limitations
  8. Modern usage of drones
  9. Explanation of WordPress
  10. Safety of data analysis
  11. Pros and cons of Information Technology (IT) advancement

Environmental Science Case Study Topics

  1. Climate change
  2. Urban ecology
  3. Fire ecology
  4. Global warming
  5. Renewable energy
  6. Recycling
  7. Remote sensing and geo ecosystem
  8. Bioremediation
  9. Limnology
  10. Conservation Biology
  11. Environmental justice

Management Case Study Topics

  1. SWOT analysis
  2. PESTEL analysis
  3. 4 Ps of marketing
  4. Market positioning
  5. Market survey
  6. Local and global marketing
  7. Media Marketing
  8. Benefits of online marketing
  9. Advertising
  10. BCG matrix

Social Media Marketing Case Study Topics

  1. Use of social media in global marketing
  2. Pros and cons of social media marketing
  3. Speed of online marketing
  4. Use of multimedia marketing
  5. Use of picks and videos for marketing
  6. Web designing and development in marketing
  7. Marketing ethics
  8. Influence of marketing
  9. Importance of marketing management
  10. Market forecasting

MBA Case Study Topic Ideas

  1. Importance of financial management
  2. Significance of human resource (HR) management
  3. Application of systems managing
  4. Significance of operations management
  5. How to reach management goals
  6. How to thrive in high business competition
  7. What is 360 degrees of human resource management?
  8. What is HR AUDITING?
  9. Marketing logistics
  10. What is Mosley’s Hierarchy of Needs Model?

Human Rights Case Studies


Nursing Case Study Subjects

  1. Pediatric Nursing
  2. Elderly nursing
  3. Typhoid case
  4. Natal and pre-natal case study
  5. Diabetes patient case study
  6. Heart patient case study
  7. Degenerative diseases
  8. Chronic diseases
  9. Terminal Illness Case Study
  10. Kidney diseases

Business Case Study Topics

  1. Business and politics
  2. Business Marketing
  3. How to run a successful business
  4. Business Finance
  5. Business ethics
  6. Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  7. Business and economics
  8. Business competition
  9. Brand loyalty
  10. Business law

Law Case Study Topics

  1. Civil law sections
  2. Criminal law sections
  3. Human rights law
  4. Change of law codes
  5. International law
  6. Law ethics
  7. Domestic violence
  8. Equality in the eyes of law
  9. Unbiased law
  10. National law and order

Applied Physics Case Study Topics

  1. Advancements in semiconductor technology an in-depth examination
  2. Safety Analysis of high-energy colliders
  3. Propagation of light in electric devices
  4. Quantum physics in computing systems
  5. Application of artificial intelligence (AI)
  6. Application of physics in biological sciences and genetic engineering
  7. Nuclear reactors
  8. Space researches

Trending Case Study Topics

  1. Related mental aspects of radiation therapy
  2. Nanophotonics vs. quantum optics of nanostructures
  3. Benefits of astrophysics lessons for school children
  4. Green Energy systems in a domestic environment
  5. Hadron Collider
  6. Why is the study of microfluidics believed to be dangerous?
  7. Quantum Information Science vs Data Transfer Methods
  8. The wind is an example of convection in nature.
  9. Engineering Details in Applied Physics
  10. The influence of weightlessness on the vital activity of various organisms

Analysis Comes First

System analysis is the very first step in software development, while system design is the second step in the software development process. The ultimate goal of system analysis is identifying and understanding the user needs and business procedures the system needs to support.

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