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Marketing is one of the most common student’s subjects of specialization in using management or MBA (Master of Business Administration) courses. Writing a case study assignment is one of the significant things in these courses.

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The grades you get in writing these cases study assignments are very important in your academicals a well as the professional career in the future. It needs an excellent industrial experience to give a professional touch to these case studies.

In the case study, you will be given any corporate issue or situation related to marketing. You need to suggest the best solution to this problem with the help of your business and managerial skills. It is a better option for you to avail the top online Case Study Report Writing Help services from the most reputed providers in this sector.

Your ultimate goal is to get the highest grade in your marketing case study assignment papers for better career advances. A lot of studies, researches and analysis are to be done to write these case study assignments. In this blog, we will discuss certain marketing management case studies with effective solutions.

A Few Marketing Management Case Study Topics

  • SWOT analysis: It is one of the most prevalent marketing management case study topics. It refers to the internal and external factors of any business organization. The internal factors include strength and weakness while the external ones include opportunities and threats. In these case study topics, you will be provided a given case where rearing a given company and you need to solve it with the help of the 4 internal and external business factors of the SWOT analysis.
  • PESTL analysis: These are also a various factor affecting the business of any organization. These 5 factors are- political, economic, social, technical and legal. In this marketing management case study, you will be given a business situation of any company and need to find a solution with the help of these 5 variable factors.
  • The 4 Ps of marketing: These 4 P’s of Marketing Assignment is the product, price, place, and promotion. Now, a 5th P is also added that is “people.” Whenever you are given a marketing management case study analysis paper, you need to study and research on all these 5 factors the business profits of the given organization. The product, the economy is offering is one of the major factors affecting the future profit. If the product is excellent in quality and meets the needs and expectations o the target consumers, then, your business can flourish. Pricing o the offered products is also a significant factor for the company. You always need to fix a very reasonable price for the offered product. The price range should also be within reach of your target customers. The place of your shop or marketing must be in a very open area so that the customers can reach very easily. Do not set your organization in any odd or remote place. Thus, this “place” factors is also very much essential for your business profits. Proper promotion of your offered product or services is significant for the profits. There are various modes of promotion in online marketing, market survey and many more. All these factors must be properly studied and applied for ensuring the future business gains. The 5th but not the least factor that is “people’ also cars a lot of importance in your business activities. It is the people or your target customers that define the ultimate fate of your business. Thu, you always need to know very well what your target consumers need and why. Thus, you still require you to have an obvious idea regarding their taste and choices.
  • Market segmentation: You always need to do a very proper market-segmenting as per the database of your target customers. You need to divide the market into proper segments based on the purchasing power, age, sex, culture, religion, customs and several other factors depending on your business type. If you are offering the product at higher prices, then you need to target customers having higher purchase power. This can be a common case study topic where you will be asked to make a good market segmentation of any new product of a given organization.
  • Market positioning: This can be one of the most prevalent marketing management case study topics where you will be ked to do a good market position of a newly launched product or service in a very new market. It is how you promote your product in the market for a future sales boost.
  • Market survey: It is also a common case study topic: Here you need to make a well-defined questionnaire and conduct an extensive market survey in a new make taming the target customers. In this way, you can get a bright idea of what the target consumers want. You can mold your product or service in the market exactly as per the customer needs. Thus, you can easily solve a market management case study assignment paper based on this topic.
  • Building brand loyalty: This thing is very important for you to flourish in any business. If the customers develop a lasting brand loyalty o the product or service offered by you, they will surely become your regular customers. In a case study, you can elaborate the methods for building strong brand loyalty to your offered services and products in a new market.
  • Marketing supply chain and logistics: These are very common Marketing Case Study Assignment examples or topics. The logistics or supply chain is very important for any production company. You always need to plan for a well-defined well-organized supply chin framework for easy transport of your goods across the country or even abroad. There are several examples of supply chain management that can be added while writing this topic. Thus, the marketing management case study solutions can be appropriately given to get better grades in these case study questions and answers assignment papers.

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