What Are The Various Advantages Of Greenhouse Effect?

One of the most important concerns for today’s environmentalists is the greenhouse gas effect on the surface of the Earth. We need to have a very clear ides regarding the greenhouse gases and their effects.

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What are greenhouse gases and what are their effects?

The greenhouse gases contribute to the greenhouse effects by absorbing the infrared radiation from the sun rays. Chlorofluorocarbons, water vapour, ozone, methane and  carbon dioxide are the examples of greenhouse gases. The Greenhouse effect is a mechanism by which the thermal radiation from the surface of the Earth is re-absorbed by the greenhouse gases and is radiated in all directions.

Among them water vapour makes 36-70% of the greenhouse effects and carbon dioxide stands 9-26%. Majority of these gases are very poor absorbers of the solar radiation. Thus, they allow lot of solar energy to pass through the Earth’s atmosphere, warming up the surface of the Earth.

However, these greenhouse gases can absorb a proportion of the outgoing solar energy. This energy is in turn radiated back to the Earth’s surface thereby, warming up the atmosphere. This phenomenon is called greenhouse effect.

What are major advantages of the greenhouse effect?

Presence of the greenhouse gases on the Earth’s atmosphere is one of the main reasons off the survival of life on the Earth. The main advantages of the greenhouse effects are as follows:

  • It maintains a moderate temperature level on the Earth’s surface, so that humans, plants and animals can survive on the Earth.
  • These gases act as filter to block unwanted and harmful solar energy from reaching the Earth’s surface by sending them back to the space.
  • Ozone greenhouse gas absorbs most of the harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. The other greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide absorb the radiations with longer wavelengths. If these greenhouse gases, acting as filters are absent, then the harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays can directly reach the Earth’s surface.
  • Human beings widely use the greenhouse effect phenomenon to grow plants even during the off seasons. Various crops are grown by artificially creating the greenhouse effects.
  • The solar powered water heaters widely use the greenhouse effect to warm up water. This method can save up to 20-30 % of the energy bills of your home.
  • The Greenhouse effect also contributes in maintaining the water level on the surface of the Earth. This effect prevents melting of the ice and restricts all the polar caps to the polar regions of the Earth only.

The greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and ozone have many advantages. For long ages there is a perfect balance between the amount of energy absorbed by the greenhouse gases and redirected to the Earth’s surface and how much is radiated back to the space.

The percentage of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increases with the burning of the fossil fuels. Thus, more solar energy is directed on the Earth’s surface that what is being radiated back to the space. This phenomenon heats up the Earth’s surface by causing “global warming.”

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