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Category : Diploma Q&A

Applying Promotional Technique Assignment Help

Assignment Task ATHE Unit Name & Code  :  Applying Promotional Techniques ATHE Level  :  Level 4 Credit Value:  15   Assignment You, as a marketing consultant, were asked by the manager of your department to conduct a presentation about the role of promotions in business.  The organization has invited several partners and other stakeholders to be the audience of this event so that they will have an idea of the latest promotional techniques applied by businesses today. Please carry out a presentation of the Applying Promoti... More

Resource Management Assignment Help

Assignment Task ATHE Unit Name & Code  :  Resource Management ATHE Level  :  Level 4 Credit value  :  15   Assignment You are employed as a researcher for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the UK.  Funding has been given for knowledge of supply management in business.  The aim is to balance the management of physical and human resources in different sectors. Your role is to research profiled businesses representing different sectors.   You will then choose a specific company to carry out further i... More

Planning a New Business Venture Assignment

Assignment Task ATHE Unit Name & Code : Planning a new Business venture ATHE Level :  Level 5 Assignment   Scenario You have been offered the opportunity to set up your own business!   An anonymous backer has seen your potential and has provided you financial backing.  Your sponsor does not mind how the money is handled as long as the following conditions are met: You need a coherent business case for your enterprise. He does not care whether you develop your enterprise or use the backing to create a venture in an ... More

People in Organization Assignment Help

Assignment Task Name & Code  : People in Oganization. ATHE Level  : Level 4 Scenario You are working in the capacity of a senior consultant with an HR consultancy. One of your client; a medium-sized company has approached the consultancy to advise them on their ongoing problem with staff low performance and professional malpractices. Your client (a medium-sized organization) is facing issues with employees in the form of low motivation, negative absenteeism, high staff turnover and inefficiency. Your manager has advised you to conduct ... More

The Marketing Principles and Practice Assignment Help

Unit 5.6    Marketing Principles and Practice      Level 5     15 Credits Assignment   Scenario You are writing assistant marketing manager for local business “Fragrance Forever” specialized in the production of perfumes. The company has already established a good client base and is growing at steady pace. However, the senior management (SMT) of the company is interested in expanding the business to new markets.  Hence you have an educational background in business administration, and you are formally trained in marketing, ... More

Assignment for Managing Communication

Assignment Task Unit Name  :   Managing Communication Level 5  :   15 Credits Assignment   Context You work for a training organization.  They are reviewing their series of ‘training packages’ and have asked you to help.  One of their most popular courses is ‘Managing Workplace Communication.’  The actual training package is out of date, and you have been asked to rewrite it. You will plan all elements of the training package. You will need to include a performance with accompanying notes and have appropriate hand-outs a... More

Level 4 Communication Skills Assignment

Assignment Task   Unit 4.Name :    Communication Skills Level 4 :    15 Credits Sample Assignment   Assignment The Older Management Team (SMT) of a local medium sized organization has become aware of communication problems within their organization.  Consumers have been complaining of poor service, the Managing Director is shocked to see spelling errors in letters, and now suppliers have refused to deliver further goods until they receive a response to their emails and phone calls about their outstanding invoices. Yo... More