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Category : Finance

BAFI1100 FINANCIAL DECISION MAKING – Quiz Question & Answers

  SAMPLE SEMESTER TEST  BAFI1100 FINANCIAL DECISION MAKING DATE:                                   TIME ALLOWED:              90 minutes (no reading time)   INSTRUCTIONS:   This is an CLOSED BOOK TEST   This test represents 30% of the assessment in this subject.   All answers are to be made on the answer sheet.   The use of a calculator is permitted.              Today the financial manager's major concern is:   ma... More

Critical Reflection on Finance Assessment

Weighting 10% of total grade Format 500 word response (+/- 10%) Submit assessment Critical Reflection ( Supporting file Reflective practice grading criteria ( Reflective practice Purpose At the beginning of this subject, some of you might be thinking ‘Why do I need to study finance? I am not working in a finance related role. An understanding of finance is very important for a manager... More

Finance Assignment on Ratio Analysis and Securities Valuation

Weighting 35% of total grade Format 2000 word response (+/- 10%) Submit assessment·         Written assessment Supporting files· Assessment requirements Assessment template Written assessment grading criteria Background Being able to analyze and articulate company financial statements is an invaluable skill that ensures managers have a strong grasp on all facets of the business. Specifically, financial literacy ensures managers; particularly the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Treasurer are equipped ... More

Diploma of Financial Planning Answers

Question 1. a) Given your assessment of the current state of the Australian economy, design an investment portfolio (asset allocation) utilising the 4 basic asset classes of; - Equities (shares), - Property, - Fixed Interest, and - Cash for both a conservative investor and an aggressive investor, who each expects to work for another 20 years and has each just inherited $2 million from the passing of a long-lost uncle. Both investors are able to generate sufficient income from their current work environment to meet their living expenses an... More

In this question all quoted yields and coupon rates are rates per annum, payable semi-annually

In this question, all quoted yields and coupon rates are rates per annum, payable semi-annually. A borrower is about to issue a security with a face value of $500,000,000. It is an unusual security that features a payment holiday for 9 months. The borrower will receive the proceeds from issuing the amortizing note on 1 November 2017. The first payment of interest and principal will be made nine months later, on 1 August 2018, with subsequent equal payments being made each February 1 and August 1 up to and including 1 August 2028 (i.e.... More

International Business Finance Case Study Help

International Business Finance   Zircon, a US based parent, considers a project in which it will sell the use of its technology to firms in Argentina. It already has received orders from Argentinean firms that will generate 3 million Argentinean pesos (ARS) in revenue at the end of the next year. However, it might also receive a contract to provide this technology to the Argentinean government. In this case, it will generate a total of ARS 5,000,000 at the end of the next year. It will not know whether it will receive the government order unti... More