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Case study

  UK Case Law -Blended Level 7 Employment Law Assessment Brief

Looking for help with an employment law assignment on a case study ?   First page – last two paragraphs – Explain what is meant by discrimination – direct discrimination- Because of the protected characteristics Equality Act 2010 – Sex and Age discrimination Explain Protected Characteristics Burden of proof – what defence do they have? (None) 5. 3rd party pressures? Customer needs? Cannot be justified Case Law – 3rd party and pressure to dismiss Second Page – First paragraph (Third sentence down) R... More

  Case Study Assignment for Bartlett

Case Study – Assessment 2 Option – Bartlett Family Meet the Bartlett Family: Mum Kate - aged 39; Dad Tony  - aged 40; 3 children: James  - aged 15; Michael - aged 12; Emily - aged 8 Initial background: Live in Kedron. Emily goes to Kedron Primary, Michael and James go to Kedron State High Kate and Tony separated two months ago. Tony has moved into a 2 bedroom unit in Kedron.  Kate remains living in the family home. Kate has been unwilling for Tony to spend time with the children. She will not let them stay at h... More

  Cruise Family Case Study and Review the literature

Assessment Details: Case Study Application Jill and Bob Cruise live with their 3 children Anthony (15 years), Andrew (13 years) and Lisa (8 years). They live in a public housing rental property in a low socio-economic suburb in a major city. Jill is currently on a disability pension for issues related to anxiety and panic attacks. Bob receives a carer’s pension to support Jill. He also manages to do some ‘cash in hand’ jobs as a plumber. He is currently unemployed. Recently, Anthony has been involved in vandalism and has received a communit... More

  Case Study –Barry and Communication Barriers: Effective Communication as a Motivator

Effective Communication as a Motivator BACKGROUND: One common complaint employee’s voice about supervisors is inconsistent messages – meaning one supervisor tells them one thing, and another says them something different. Imagine you are the supervisor/manager for each of the employees described below. As you read their case, consider how you might help communicate with the employee to remedy the conflict. Answer the critical thinking questions at the end of the case. THE CASE: Barry is a 27-year old who is a food service manager at a casua... More

  Nokia Case Study Question and Answers Report

QUESTION 1 Discusses all the IFE, EFE matrices and value chain QUESTION 2 Assess the main strategic actions taken by each NOKIA CEO. What actions created enduring sources of competitive advantage? What actions (or lack of actions) contributed to NOKIA’s fast decline? Please be sure to cover the following dimensions of strategy: products, vertical scope, horizontal scope, geographic scope, technology, organizational structure. QUESTION 3 How did NOKIA manage its ecosystem (consisting of operators in the early years and app and software deve... More

  Short Case Study Question Answers Topics

1-Sustaining an Ethnic Soft Drink-Paper Boat: Brand Positioning and Consumer Behavior (Deadline after 12 hours) How do you think are the various factors listed in exhibits 1-6 associated with each other from the conceptual viewpoint? What is your inference and interpretation of the response in Exhibit 1? What are the conclusions that you may like to draw from exhibits 2,3,4,5, and 6? What are these exhibits important? What are the significant assumptions that you can bring from your analysis of questions 1 to 3 and the case informat... More

  Case study Chasing the Little White Ball Issue

CASE STUDY Chasing the Little White Ball New Internationalist issue 263 - January 1995 Condensed Version of Article Golf courses are sprouting like mushrooms after spring rain across East and South-East Asia.MaleeTraisawasdichai finds that fairways make good business but bad neighbors. ‘My wife was a caddie. She is dead.’ So spoke 27-year-old Pong Kheungkham, father of a little boy and a poor farmer from Baan Thung Yang – a small village in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand. Janpeng, his wife, was two months pregnant when she miscarried o... More

  Sh4003 Culture, Society and Ethics: Case Studies for Assessment A

(1).A community health centre produces written leaflets in English about breast cancer and screening. The leaflets are distributed in an area where English is not the first language of a significant number of residents. Despite being aware that these recipients may be unable to access the information, the health centre manager refuses to provide translations or audio-visual versions of the leaflets. (2). A senior woman named Violet Simpson, 84 was receiving treatment for angina over the course of two years. Before having an operation for a buni... More


QUESTIONS What should Aramex's strategy be for developed markets? What should Aramex's strategy be for emerging markets? What criteria would you use to distinguish among various emerging markets? What are the parallels between AirAsia and Aramex’s situations? How have their strategies differed? Which do you prefer? "How should Aramex grow".  What I have in mind is for you to analyzeAramex's growth prospects - If, where, and how Aramex can grow   More

  Pediatric Cardiac Case Study:Young Infant with a Tetralogy of Fallot Defect

Case Study:Young Infant with a Tetralogy of Fallot Defect Jake is a 6-week-old male infant hospitalized with the diagnosis of Tetralogy ofFallot (TOF).Jake was full-term when he was born without any complications. He was seen at his pediatrician's office because Jake's mother was worried that he was not gaining weight and was having difficulty sucking on the bottle during feedings.The pediatrician noted that Jake had a murmur and referred him to a pediatric cardiologist at a pediatric care facility. He is admitted with the diagnosis of TOF a... More

  2017 PSYC 13-312 Assessment 2 Criteria Sheet and Case Study on Psychopathology

Assessment 2  - SUBJECT: PSYC13-312 Psychopathology Assessment 2  – Allocated 30% of final grade. DUE DATE: WEEK 7, Friday 27th October, 2017 by 4 pm – handed in 2nd floor ASSIGNMENT SLOT MULTIMEDIA LEARNING CENTRE BY THE LIFTS and electronic submission via iLearn. In this assignment, students are required to demonstrate 1) understanding of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in abnormal  psychology 2)  understanding of research methods in psychology by demonstrating skills in d... More

  Case Study on Weddingwire Company Culture Questions and Answer

Wedding Wire – (OB) Topic: Management & Organization Behavior READ THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWER EACH QUESTION WITH THE BEST ABILITY YOU CAN. ANSWERS MUST REFLECT YOUR UNDERSTANDING BY ILLUSTRATING THE SKILLS AND THE TECHNIQUES YOU ACQUIRED DURING THE INTERACTIVE LECTURES. REMEMBER, BE THOROUGH, CONCISE, AND INFORMATIVE.   Q 1 . What do you think about the WeddingWire company culture? You need to approach such analysis from within individualism, diversity and biographical characteristics that influence the internal culture.(30 Points) Q ... More

  Case study on market growth matrix for Lego

Topic- Lego case study questions and answers Weight - 300 words Type-Management case study Citation Style - MLA   Description - 1. Draw a product market growth matrix  for Lego, then post it. Be specific - what are their moves into the different quadrants of the Ansoff matrix. Then address the following: 2. What was the risk when they were considering their strategy? 3. Why was the risk reduced? Why have they been successful? Hint - it begins with core..... 4. Are there other areas of growth potential? Attached is... More

  Management Research Question and Case Study, Annotated Bibliography topic

Assignment 4: Annotated Bibliography Instructions Note: I STRONGLY encourage you to work through the library exercise found in the Discussion section before starting this assignment. It is available for two weeks, starting September 25. Assignments 4 and 5 are inter-related: Assignment 4, the annotated bibliography, lays the ground work for Assignment 5, the research paper. As a consequence, both assignments involve the same research question and case study: A topic in management related to organizational theory A case study of... More

  Case Study Assignment on Lead and Manage Organisational Change

Assessment Task 1 – Case Study : Lead and Manage Organisational Change case study assignments on Lead and Manage Organisational Change |change management strategies | human resources development | human resources management | strategic policy or planning area Read the following case study and answer the questions that follow Margaret House, CEO of Bounce Fitness, has asked you to act as the Change Management Agent for an initiative to be undertaken nationally at Bounce Fitness Centres. You have been asked to prepare a change management pr... More

  Bioc211 Pathology & Clinical Science Case Study Help

This Assignment Contains Two Case Studies CASE STUDY 1: 30 MARKS CASE STUDY 2: 30 MARKS  Instructions The assessment should be completed in your own words with the information being clear, concise and easy to understand. Please avoid using direct quotes or definitions from other resources. Material should be obtained from at least four other sources (other than the set text) which could include reference textbooks, research papers or web sites (academic), among others. Please do not use Wikipedia. All information presented in... More

  Decision Analysis Case Study Help

COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1.  Explain the complexity of the decision-making process 2.  Use common decision-making tools and exercises 3.  Examine personal, organizational, and cultural constraints on managerial decision making BACKGROUND INFORMATION In this project, you will apply managerial decision-making concepts and tools to conduct a case analysis about a current event. You will also have the chance to evaluate a hypothetical situation related to this decision in order ... More

  Pizza Plus Case Study Help

We recommend a minimum total of TEN statute and case references per question. Work that includes sources that are not properly referenced according to the “Harvard Referencing Workbook” will be penalized.  Question One:   10%  500 words  Answers must be supported by case and statute references.    Explain how a partner can be sued from the operations of the partnership.Be sure to consider liability within the partnership as well as liability to outsiders. Question two: 15%  1000 words  Answers must be supported by case and statute referen... More

  BSBFIM501 Manage Budgets and Financial Plans Assignment Help

Assessment Task 1 –  Written Questions Task Summary Answer all of the written questions below. What you will need Paper and pens When and where do I need to do this? This assessment task will be completed in the classroom. Write in the date as advised by your assessor: What do I have to submit? You will need to provide correct answers to all questions. Write down your answers with the question number clearly indicated. What if I get something wrong? If your assessor sees that you did provide a satisfactory answer, they will ask you to... More

  BSBHRM405 Support the Recruitment, Selection and Induction of Staff Case Study Assignment Help

Assessment Task1 –  Written Questions Task Summary Answer all of the written questions below. What you will need Paper and pens When and where do I need to do this? This assessment task will be completed in the classroom. Write in the date as advised by your assessor: What do I have to submit? You will need to provide correct answers to all questions. Write down your answers with the question number clearly indicated. What if I get something wrong? If your assessor sees that you did provide a satisfactory answer, they will ask you to ... More