130 Interesting Statistics Project Ideas & Topics to Focus On

Statistics is one of the most commonly applied and popularly studied subjects among students worldwide at various levels of education, starting from school to the university levels. All the education institutes will burden you with a lot of assignments in statistics to be completed at home.

Getting good grades on these assignment papers is very important for you since the grades you get here will have a lot of significance in your whole career. Thus, your ultimate aim is to get top grades in these assignments.

130 Statistics Project Ideas and Topics

What Is a Statistical Project?

A statistical project is the procedure of answering any research question using various statistical techniques and presenting your work in a written report. This research question can arise from any scientific endeavour field like advertising, athletics, nutrition or aerodynamics. A Statistics Project differs from any other project in that a written report is used to present your findings.

What Is the Best Topic Selection for a Statistics Project?

Statistics ideas for the project are as follows:

  • Pros and cons of regression analysis
  • Statistical reports on online news reports and the fluctuations
  • Accuracy of AI-based tools in the field of statistics
  • Regulation of cryptocurrencies
  • Statistical reports on Covid-19 vaccination
  • How can you fix the estimation methods?
  • Prediction models vs observation strategies
  • Descriptive statistics vs inferential stats
  • Quantitative data analysis
  • Accuracy of statistical sampling methods

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List of 130+ Good Statistics Project Ideas

Statistics Project Ideas for School and College Students

  1. Male vs female college students
  2. Online vs off-line education
  3. Social media madness among college student
  4. Impact of social media on school students
  5. Course cost differentiation in the colleges
  6. Web browsing habits of the students
  7. Should cell phones be allowed in schools?
  8. Should cell phones be allowed in colleges?
  9. Characteristics of the school backbenchers
  10. Importance of sitting in the school and college front streets
  11. Ratio of students getting married after passing out from college

Statistics Project Ideas for University Students

  1. Correlation between grades and study habits
  2. What is the most effective time of day to study?
  3. Time management for good study
  4. Compare and contrast various study methods
  5. Managing study time after doing social media
  6. How to improve study concentration
  7. Importance of breaks in studies
  8. Student life in dorms vs student life from home
  9. GPAs of employed vs unemployed Relation
  10. Between college grades and part-time jobs
  11. Test score comparing students taking private tuition and not taking private tuition

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Small Business Statistics Project Ideas

  1. Various statistical models for business forecasting
  2. Financial models in business
  3. Application of stats in SWOT analysis
  4. Application of stars in PESTEL analysis
  5. Statistics application in BCG matrix
  6. 360-degree Analysis
  7. Usage of stats in HR auditing
  8. Calculating employee retraction and attrition by using different statistical methods
  9. Profit forecasting models in statistics
  10. How accurate are business statistical analysis models
  11. Can we really be one hundred per cent on statistical outcomes?

Statistics Project Topics on Finance and Economics

  1. Is the effort of privatization fruitful or disastrous for the economy?
  2. Statistical Analysis of the Criminal Offences Record in Kuje
  3. Evaluation of global monetary policies
  4. Statistical Analysis of the expenditure of the federal government
  5. Effect of government expenses on the country’s economy
  6. Effect of the financial intermediation on money deposits by banks
  7. Statistical evaluation of GDP and GNP
  8. Impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) on national economy
  9. Statistical Analysis of economic inflation, deflation and stagflation
  10. Statistical models on leveraging in accountancy
  11. Relation between various statistical and new business models

Statistical Analysis Topics on Sports and Movies

  1. On-field data analysis
  2. Off-field data analysis
  3. In revenue data
  4. Increased profits
  5. Soccer sports analysis
  6. Baseball sports data analysis
  7. Basketball sport data analysis
  8. Volleyball Sports Data Analysis
  9. American football statistical data analysis
  10. Hockey statistical data analysis
  11. Ice hockey statistical data analysis

Additional Statistics Project Topics on Business

  1. Impact of Social Media on Corporate Sales as well as Employee Performance
  2. Bank advantages on various corporates
  3. Various factors contribute to low labour productivity.
  4. Sexual harassment of women at workplaces as steps as well as laws to eradicate it
  5. Are employees with low salaries more prone to alcohol?
  6. Various employment plans for secretaries
  7. Complete history and future of suicides due to high layoffs in various companies
  8. Importance of internal communication at the workplace
  9. How corporate tools can boost employee performance
  10. Evaluation and importance of employee analysis based on employee performance as well as related factors
  11. Effect of contemporary communication on business management with the usage of sophisticated instruments in various corporates

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Socio-Economic Statistics Project Ideas

  1. A proper analysis of the issues associated with the petroleum product distribution industry
  2. Differences in the habits of the male and female college students for social media use
  3. Factors that is responsible for designing the methods to estimate different components
  4. How college as well as high school students become prone to drug addiction
  5. Analysis of choices of music among college students
  6. Why do we need to highlight stereotypical social issues?
  7. Statistical Analysis of various factors responsible for road accidents in various areas
  8. E-learning vs conventional learning
  9. What is the importance of extracurricular activities in the overall performance of students?
  10. A statistical analysis of the expenses and revenue system of the federal government from 2010 to 2020
  11. A regressive statistical analysis of addiction among students

Amazing Statistics Project Topics

  1. A statistical evaluation of various brands supported by star athletes
  2. How do audiences get influenced by the movie cast?
  3. Why there is always a high demand for movie stars in the advertising industry
  4. Does eating while watching a movie boost the mind?
  5. How can you define a successful movie?
  6. What type of movies do you prefer?
  7. Relations between the executives and employees of any company
  8. A statistical investigation of various types of food consumed by agers affecting health
  9. What are the serious consequences of cyberbullying?
  10. Consequences of population explosion in various developing countries
  11. Does school achievement guarantee life success?

Statistics Project Ideas on Socio-Economics

  1. Income vs Explanation Analysis for Social Research
  2. Why farmers need good agricultural loan schemes
  3. What are the busiest traffic times in your city?
  4. Malpractices among the low-income groups
  5. Common food habits in low-income families
  6. Effects of smoking and alcohol consumption
  7. Road accident analysis in the town and rural areas
  8. National Income Regression analysis
  9. Statistical study of societal income vs Consumption study
  10. Worldwide Economic Growth Statistical Analysis
  11. Global impact of pandemic- a statistical analysis

Statistical Analysis Topics

  1. Predictive Healthcare analysis with Machine Learning
  2. An Analysis of Online Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  3. Essential Elements Affecting Personnel Productivity
  4. Statistical Analysis of how climatic change affects natural disasters
  5. The influence of social media on customer behaviour and choices
  6. Crucial Elements Affecting Personal Productivity
  7. Financial Markets vs Stock Price Predictions
  8. Statistical Analysis of public behaviour related to voting
  9. Can public health education reduce air pollution?
  10. An Analysis of the suicide rates in adults and Adolescents
  11. A thorough statistical analysis of the urban traffic system

Trending Statistical Analysis Topics

  1. A Statistical analysis of various types of injuries suffered by sportsmen
  2. An analysis of doping tests in the sports field
  3. Role of sports activities in student life
  4. A statistical analysis of Olympic performances
  5. Effect of obesity on student health
  6. Analysis of suicidal tendency among students
  7. Statistical study of gender inequality
  8. Statistical Analysis of racism in society
  9. Gay rights analysis in the society
  10. Statistical survey of increasing divorce rates in our society

Statistics Survey Project Ideas

  1. A statistical survey of the type of music enjoyed by students
  2. Over-population is a global crisis
  3. Time spent by students on social media
  4. Can population explosion be a threat to wildlife?
  5. Increase in allergy and asthma attacks
  6. Occurrence of panic attacks on people
  7. Fear of flying in some people
  8. Statically Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Survey
  9. Are you ready for a robot world?
  10. Analysis of any country’s development

Statistics Project Ideas Hypothesis Testing

  1. Income versus expenditure analysis
  2. Agricultural loan schemes for farming activities
  3. Influence of poverty on crime rates
  4. a statistical survey of student malpractice during exams
  5. a survey of the commonly occurring road accidents in suburban areas
  6. Effect of psychosocial dysfunction on workplace performance
  7. Can regular exercise reduce medical costs?
  8. An analysis of the effectiveness of alternative medicines
  9. Statistical Analysis of House Household Expenses
  10. A statistical survey of family dysfunction

The Bottom Line

Choose any topic that is suitable for you to research and write about from the various statistics project ideas shared below. If you need any other unique project ideas on statistics or if you need expert help doing your statistics project, then contact us without any hesitation. We have numerous subject professionals on our platform to offer high-quality Statistics assignment help in accordance with your requirements. Most significantly, with our assistance, you can complete your statistics project ahead of schedule and with the highest possible grades.

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