145+ Interesting Political Science Research Topics of 2023

What is Political Science?

It is a specialized branch of study dealing with the government of stress and systems. It is a very scientific analysis of political behaviour and activity.

Suppose you are a college or university student in any part of the world with political science as a major subject. In that case, you must be under the huge pressure of political science research assignment papers. These papers are very much important for you since the grades you get in these papers carry a lot of significance in the near future.

Political Science Research Topics

How to Write Political Science Research Paper?

  • Select a good topic: This is one of the major steps in writing a good political science research paper. The right research paper topic can be selected through general reading on your area of interest.
  • Developing all the research questions: This step is very important in writing your research paper. It helps to determine what issues you need t resolve in your paper.
  • Develop a proper research design: You must explore the data type needed to answer the research questions. This data is mostly qualitative as well as quantitative. For this, you need to evaluate the most appropriate tools for the collected data.
  • Develop the thesis: This involves the coming up of arguments for advanced political science papers. After tidying up your research paper, you need to come up with a main argument to get advanced in your research study work. This argument is mostly revised later to streamline the derived themes. These always need to be important and serious, contestable, bringing forward any particular theme.
  • Data collection and analysis: This involves the collection and analysis of the primary and secondary data in a logical pattern. You need to set all types of data used here.
  • Data compiling: This step deals with putting the collected data together to form a solid argument to support your research paper.
  • Referencing: in this step, you need to compile all the resources that are used in writing your paper. You also need to follow the proper format here.
  • Proofreading and editing: It is the final as well a very important step in writing your political science research paper. It would help if you always proofread and edit thoroughly to make your paper error-free.

Importance of Political Science Research Paper Writing

Political science research paper helps students understand various political institutions and laws governing business functions. This also sharpens students’ minds to understand the dynamics of organizations and human relations with their writing, communication, and statistical skills.

Political Science Research Paper Topics and Ideas

Political Science Research Topics

  1. Behavioral Approach to Parties
  2. Presidential vs Parliamentary Democracy
  3. The United States vs the United Kingdom Foreign Policies
  4. Anglo-Saxon Traits in American Government
  5. Cultural Pressure Between the United States and Japan
  6. Soviet Union Ideology
  7. Chinese Communist Party Hierarchy
  8. Apartheid Phenomenon
  9. Recruitment in Developing Countries
  10. Effects of the Vietnam War

Political Science Research Topics on Comparative Politics

  1. Global security network vs satellite
  2. NGO ethical guidelines vs government
  3. International Monetary Fund Structure vs world bank
  4. Inflation vs Global poverty causes
  5. Artic circles vs power battles
  6. Syrian Conflict and peace
  7. Human rights and law
  8. Afghan war
  9. Politics and terrorism
  10. Peace and harmony

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International Relations Political Science Research Topics

  1. Impact of coronavirus on international relationships
  2. What is the role of UNO in spearheading global unity?
  3. What is the contribution of the global bodies in fostering global unity?
  4. Effects of various diplomatic relations in various nations
  5. The threat of global terrorism
  6. Can the USA promote global aid to nations under distress?
  7. Developing vs developed countries
  8. Role of global nuclear proliferation
  9. What is the essence of human rights in the global; arena
  10. Unit-level concepts in international relations

Political Science Philosophy Research Topics

  1. Existentialism via Western Constitutional Law Lens
  2. German Philosophy and Karl Schmidt Theses
  3. American Revolution Causes
  4. Neopatrimonialism Society Risks
  5. Civil Republicanism in Contrast With Liberalism
  6. Liberal Democracy Justification
  7. Post-Socialist Transition Methods
  8. Liberal Democracy Justification
  9. “Black lives matter “perception
  10. State-after-amendment acts

Political Science Research Topics on Public Administration

  1. Role of youth in nation development
  2. Employment procedures
  3. Effects of alcoholism on youth
  4. Industrial relations in organizations
  5. Housing nature in Nigeria
  6. Effects of civil services to improve human life standard
  7. Adverse effects of poor management
  8. Effect of social responsibility on industries
  9. Role of personnel development in any organization
  10. Significance of leadership

Political Science Research Topics on Public Law   

  1. Relationships among the judicial, executive and legislative government branches
  2. Dynamics across public, private, and nonprofit sectors
  3. Legal framework for governance, policy development and implementation
  4. Uses of technology in governance
  5. The emergence of collaborative structures for managing resources
  6. Intergovernmental relations in collaborative governance, federalism, dispute resolution and deliberation
  7. Imposition of uniform civil code across a country
  8. Anti-terrorism law
  9. Labour laws
  10. Military laws

Political Science Theorists Research Topics

  1. Can nationalism be regarded as the best political tool?
  2. 20th-century politics and Karl Marx
  3. How do technologies impact voting procedures?
  4. Is modern political culture dependent upon technology?
  5. Fascism and its faces before and after World War II.
  6. Effects of various electoral reforms
  7. Modern politics vs environmental struggle.
  8. Have USA foreign policies affected the whole western world?
  9. Voting process alternation by technology.
  10. Modernization of global politics in the 21st century.

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Political Science Conflicts Research Topics

  1. Civil War Causes and Peculiarities
  2. Syrian Government Repression
  3. Social Networks and Protest Movements
  4. Afghanistan Conflict
  5. Ukraine Divided – Political Powers at Play
  6. Reagan’s Political Agenda
  7. Yemen Conflict Resolution Methods
  8. Mexico and Immigrants Crisis
  9. Insurgencies in various countries
  10. Reagan’s Political Agenda

Political Science Research Topics on Conflict Resolution

  1. Peacebuilding
  2. Journal of Peacebuilding and Development
  3. The Journal of Conflict Resolution
  4. Journal of Peace Research
  5. Foreign Policy
  6. Foreign Affairs
  7. American Political Science Review
  8. International Peacekeeping
  9. Dealing with cross-border terrorism
  10. International Security

Political Science Research Topics on Mediation & Negotiation

  1. Can nationalism be classified as a proper school in history for leaders?
  2. How do technologies impact voting processes?
  3. 20th-century politics and Karl Marx
  4. Is modern political culture dependent upon technology?
  5. International trade
  6. Global aids
  7. Role of IMF in dialogue with global financial crises
  8. Fascism and its faces before and after World War II.
  9. Electoral reforms
  10. Modern politics and environmental struggles

Political Science Research Topics on Political Theory

  1. Building Government Capacity for addressing Global Environmental Challenges
  2. Influences of Social Movements and Advocacy Groups on Policymaking
  3. Effect of an Interdependent World on the Roles of Governments and Institutions
  4. Prosperity and Equality through Public Policy
  5. Factors Influencing Policymaking around Taxes, Regulation, and Trade
  6. Influences of Gender, Race, Class, and Other Aspects of Identity on Policymaking
  7. Role of Government in Providing Affordable Healthcare
  8. Mitigating Cyber Breaches with Security Challenges Through Policymaking
  9. Harnessing Data for Good Governance
  10. Regulating Disinformation in the United States via Public Policy

Political Science Research Topics: Law

  1. A review of the Human Rights Act 1998
  2. Privacy Law or Commercial Exploitation?
  3. Criminal Law vs Common Morality
  4. Civil Liberties and National Security Complaints
  5. Post-Conflict Justice Inequality
  6. European Legal History – Legislators
  7. The System of Police Interrogation
  8. Judicial Review Argumentation Analysis
  9. Police Interrogation vs Socio-Economic Preferences
  10. Custody Battles and Gender Bias Psychology

Research Topics on Political Conflicts

  1. Afghanistan Conflict
  2. Mexico and Immigrants Crisis
  3. Social Networks vs Protest Movements
  4. Syrian Government Repression
  5. Reagan’s Political Agenda
  6. Civil War Causes vs Peculiarities
  7. Iraq War and History of War Crimes
  8. War In Donbas: Russia’s Aggression In Ukraine
  9. Yemen Conflict Resolution Methods
  10. Causes of Rebellion in the Central African Republic

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Interesting Political Science Research Topics

  1. Political Psychology
  2. An Overview Of Political Science
  3. Culture and Politics
  4. Civil Wars Causes and Consequences
  5. Terrorism as a Political tool
  6. Populism overview
  7. Social Movements In Politics
  8. The Similarities Of Totalitarian Regimes
  9. Different Types of Electoral Systems
  10. Effects of dictatorship

Latest Political Science Research Topics 2023

  1. How can poor national economic development be directly proportional to the government’s actions on the economy?
  2. How can foreign investment improve the economy?
  3. Best national trade rules
  4. Rise of nationalization and nationalized industries
  5. Effect of civil laws and uniform civil code all across any big nation
  6. How to deal with economic inflation
  7. How to save a country from bankruptcy?
  8. International cultural exchanges
  9. Global Harmony
  10. Relationships among cross-border neighbours in various countries
  11. Behavioral Approach to Parties Comparison
  12. Presidential versus Parliamentary Democracy
  13. The United States vs the United Kingdom Foreign Policies
  14. Soviet Union Ideology
  15. Apartheid Phenomenon
  16. Recruitment in Developing Countries
  17. Vietnam War Interests Aggregation
  18. Cultural Pressure Between the United States & Japan
  19. NGO Ethical Guidelines
  20. Global Security Networks Analysis

Political Science Research Topics: Domestic

  1. Beginnings of Politics from tribes to nation
  2. What Makes Politics a Necessity
  3. Communism and Its Ingrained Instability
  4. Is Anarchy Ever Going to Become the Norm?
  5. The Corporate Nether of Late-Stage Capitalism
  6. How Do Socialites Became Politicians
  7. NGOs and GOs — the Close but Distant Relationship Between the Two Bodies
  8. People Skills and Politics. What It Takes to Get Ahead
  9. Political Theorists Research Topics
  10. How Meme Culture Has Raised Political Awareness
  11. Open societies vs politics
  12. Corruption and politics
  13. Divided Governments- Analysis of its work principles
  14. Explain the public relation concept in politics
  15. American Government vs the Anglo-Saxon Traits
  16. Pros and cons of Constructivism
  17. Explain the Apartheid phenomenon
  18. Various causes of the national revolution
  19. Justify Liberal Democracy
  20. Public safety and its optimal benefits

Political Science Research Topics: Economics

  1. Behavioral Health Economics and Policy
  2. Decisions under Risk and Uncertainty
  3. Behavioral Labour vs Organizational Economics
  4. Experimental vs Behavioral analyses of markets
  5. Charitable Behavior
  6. Behavioral Welfare Economics
  7. Analysis of Conflict vs Conflict Resolution
  8. Banking and financial stability
  9. Financial Economics vs Household Finance
  10. Household portfolios

Complete List of Political Science Research Topics and Ideas

  1. Censorship in China
  2. Social security issues in Australia
  3. Civil rights controversies in the United Kingdom
  4. Talk about abortion vs its political implications
  5. Climate change and politics
  6. Discuss the death penalty in the US
  7. Discuss the death penalty in the US
  8. Social security issues in African countries
  9. Should we adopt a universal minimum income?
  10. Who should benefit from health insurance?

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