What Are The Pros And Cons Of Accounting Career?

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Accounting is a widely accepted career option which allows working with reputed organizations, small businesses, individuals, and government agencies. The job mainly involves maintaining records of commercial and financial transactions.

Many students take up financial assistance as one of the major subjects of specialization in their graduation and post-graduation courses. Thus, they want to pursue a career in the accounting field. Thus, you always need to know the positive as well as negative sides of accounting as a career.


Like any other profession, the accounting job also has pros and cons, both positive and negative. In this blog, we will discuss certain pros and cons of the career of accounting.

The Pros And Cons Of an Accounting Career 


The Pros Of Accounting Career

1. A Growing And Stable Field: 

Accounting is such a profession that will always stay stable. All types of businesses require an accountant or a team of accountants. The prospects of an accounting career are growing day by day. As long as people feel the need for help with taxes, they will need accountants.

2. A Clear Career Path:

To study accounting, you need to learn about accounting numbers and analyse the costs. This provides you with a clear way of very high potential career outcomes and better employment opportunities.

3. Good Compensations:

The accounting career provides employees with a very good compensation package. This package also depends on certain factors like skills, experiences, and additional certification courses.

4. Good Growth Opportunities:

In countries like Australia, the UK, the USA, UAE and others countries, you will get a lot of growth opportunities in the accounting field. You have ample accounting career opportunities in big countries across the globe.

5. Good Income Stability:

An accounting career can give you equal opportunities as an employee and a businessman. You can always choose a business of your own, or you can also pursue your own full-time job with all the benefits in any industry. The job availability means you will have greater income stability than other career options.

6. There Is A Certainty:

You can always choose the right classes and correct major, and also pursue any specialized training program of your choice to make the dream of building a great career a reality.

7. A Lot Of Travelling Opportunities:

All types of business firms, whether urban or rural, need an accountant. So, you can always choose where you wish to live and also what is your daily job requirements.

8. Your Accounting Career Is In Very High Demand:

The accounting career is not only a 10% rise in job growth in the upcoming decade but also a very fast pace of progress. In just 2 years, you can go from a fresh high school pass out to an accounting degree holder with a decent living.

The Cons Of Accounting Career

1. Stagnant Work:

An accounting career is not a very glamorous or creative field. Your daily work will need a lot of math as well as investigation. Thus, you can often feel stagnant and bored. Long working days and weekend work might become a norm since the accountants always need to finish their work within the stipulated time.

2. Busy Seasons:

Accounting is a very typical 9 – 6 job, except when you need to spend more time on your pending deadlines. For the majority of tax accountants, the year starts after the new year. It is always a bit difficult to always keep up with strict deadlines.

3. Stressful Work:

Your work role will involve dealing with the finances of your company. More pressure you face, the more bad experiences you might have. If you get frazzled easily, an accounting job might not suit you.

4. Ongoing Education:

In your accounting job, learning never stops. In order to progress in your career, you will need more account certifications to keep up with the industry changes. You always need to take advanced accounting certifications for good career growth in the field of financial accounting.

5. Need To Keep Career Moving Forward:

Accounting is quite a competitive career field. Many accountants always seek higher education levels like advanced certification, diploma courses in accounting etc., to set themselves higher than other accountants in terms of position and salary. You will probably be left behind if you do not explore these options.

6. You Can Often Get Stuck In Your Office:

The accounting career gives you a certain level of privacy and security as per your tasks. With the help of a VPN, you will be allowed to telecommute, but the majority of accounting professionals, even those who are self-employed, need to go to an offsite office and stay there for nine to five daily grind.

There are a number of reputed colleges and universities all across the globe offering graduation, post-graduation and doctoral degree courses in accounting. If you want to choose to account as your career option, then you can pursue these courses.

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