CDR Report for Biomedical Engineer 233913

Biomedical engineering is a very specialized branch of engineering related to the medical field. It is a combination of problem-solving and designing skills of the engineering sciences along with the medical and the biological sciences for improving the patients’ health in the healthcare industry.

CDR Report for Biomedical Engineer

The country of Australia is providing golden opportunities for the qualified Biomedical Engineers to live and work in Australia. But in this regard, they need to get their Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) selected by the Australian association known as the Engineers Australia (EA).

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In the CDR Report for biomedical engineers, you need to write three career episodes and a summary statement. Along with these an updated CV and scanned documents of all the professional, as well as educational records, are also to be submitted to the EA.

CDR for Biomedical Engineer with (233913) ANZSCO Code

The ANZSCO Code for biomedical engineering is 233913. While applying for your CDR in the field of biomedical engineering, you need to apply under the 233913ANZSCO Code. Various job responsibilities of the biomedical engineers under engineers Australia (EA) guidelines are as follows:

  • Developing new medical instrument or devices like sensors and the therapeutic or diagnostic devices
  • Sound knowledge of mechanics for analyzing the musculoskeletal system of hum beings a designing the supportive devices for assisting patient rehabilitation
  • Advice and developments of various medical equipment for measuring the physical patterns affecting the patients especially in the intensive care unit or who are undergoing surgery.
  • Exploring and developing multiple medical uses of the electromagnetic and ultrasound radiation
  • Performing bio-electrical investigation the brain and heart
  • Developing artificial organs and new materials for implantation
  • Reserving the structure and function of living systems
  • Working with the patients as well the other health care professionals for delivering the services
  • Applying the methodology and knowledge of physics, computing, engineering mathematics, computing, material science, physical chemistry, etc.,
  • Prevention and treatment of various human diseases

Skill level:

The preliminary requirement of a biomedical engineering CDR applicant with 233913ANZSCO Code is a basic regular full-time bachelor degree or even a higher qualification. In certain cases, relevant experiences are also required in addition to the formal qualification. Licensing or registering is also needed.

Skill level 1 specializations:

  • Bioengineer
  • Medical Engineer
  • Clinical Engineer

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Why is Biomedical Engineer233913ANZSCO Code Needed?

  • It is needed for the CDR applicants who can provide evidence of the positive employment prospects
  • For the engineering graduates
  • For the applicants who have the NT residency as well as work requirements including the 485,457, 462 and 417 visa holders
  • One year of skilled work experiences in the past three years
  • Good financial capacity
  • A good score in the online English proficiency test of the IELTS
  • The total processing time is 6 to 7 weeks
  • For bioengineering application for higher posts, 2 years of relevant work experiences with a post-graduation qualification of PhD
  • The engineering applicants need to have a registration with the board
  • An IELTS score with a minimum 6 score is needed, 7 in speaking and 7 overall or even an OET result with minimum B grade in all the section of the IELTS.
  • The passport holder of nations- UK, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland or USA, are exempted from submitting the IELTS

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Today, the biomedical engineering is on a huge demand in Australia. They want talented professionals from different parts of the world to work in Australian companies as professional bioengineers.

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CDR Writer Australia for Biomedical Engineer

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