CDR Report for Naval Architect 233916

The Competency Demonstration Report shortly CDR is the entryway for the qualified and experienced engineers from the foreign land to live and work as technocrats in the country of Australia.

This CDR Report is assessed by a team of assessors now as the Engineers Australia (EA). Thus, the CDRs are always to be written as per the EA guidelines and instructions. You need to follow the EA published MSA report in writing the CDR ideally. The EA website is the source for it.

CDR for Naval Architect

The CDR engineering report depicts the academic, writing, management and communication skills. The Engineers Australia (EA) always ensures for selecting as well appointing the engineers who are talented and experienced enough to work in reputed Australian companies.

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Who is a Naval Architect under EA with 233916ANZSCO CODE?

A naval architect is a person, whose first duty is designing the constructions, repairing the ships, water bodies, boats, etc. They need to specialize in both military departments as well civil engineering while working on marine or other water bodies.

He also needs to have specific skills on all the engineering branches with advanced technical knowledge. According to EA, CDR application for Naval Architect position requires graduation or a post-graduation degree in Naval Architecture or Naval Engineering field.

The Chief Job Responsibilities of a Naval Architect under EA Are As Follows:

  • Assessing the requirements of any project and researching its results with feasibility
  • Negotiating and closing various deals on budgetary plans, specifications, and timings of the project with the client
  • Designing, planning as well supervising the constructions
  • Submitting the detailed versions of the ship’s design in drawing or computer software
  • Developing and utilizing the test procedures like scale models and computer modeling
  • Ensuring all the safety measures, rules, terms, standards, and regulations
  • Researching and purchasing the materials and requirements for the project
  • Identifying and maintaining working of the vessels with the repairs
  • Undertaking relevant and in-depth researches and study on any project
  • Writing documents and reports related to any project
  • Providing all the technical advice under doubtful and emergency situations
  • Answering all the questions, queries and complaints from the clients

There are pathways via which the EA (Engineers Australia) recognizes the Naval Architects. They give the candidates with the qualifications from any recognized university from UK, USA or Canada. They get direct EA recognition. You always need to submit a hundred percent plagiarism-free as well as error-free CDR.

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Why Is the 233916ANZSCO Code Required For the Naval Architect?

The Engineers Australia (EA) has fixed specific codes for each engineering branch. These codes are known as the ANZSCO Code. Each type of ANZSCO Code is fixed and unique for each engineering discipline.

While applying for the CDR report to EA, you need to make the application under a definite ANZSCO Code as fixed by EA. Thus, the ANZSCO Code to apply for CDR under Naval Architect engineering is 233916.

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The main elements of a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) are- 3 Career Episodes, A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) report, a Summary, and an updated Curriculum Vitae (CV). These are to be written in the following way:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): It is an updated resume based on your professional template
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) report: This part needs to explain your knowledge. It should be written within 1000 words.
  • Naval Architect Career Episode1: It needs to be within 1850 words
  • Naval Architect Career Episode2: It is written in 1700 words
  • Naval Architect Career Episode3: write it within 2100 words
  • Summary Statement: Here you need to explain in details all the mentioned competency elements in 1500 words

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CDR Australia for Naval Architect

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