CDR Report for Telecommunications Network Engineer 263312

The Competency Demonstration Report or the CDR is the entry key for the talented engineers from all across the globe to pursue their professional career in reputed Australian companies. This CDR report is assessed by a team of assessors known as the Engineers Australia (EA). They test how competent the foreign applicants are to work in Australia,

CDR for Telecommunications Network Engineer

You need to follow the EA guidelines very thoroughly in writing the CDR report while applying for the Telecommunications Network Engineer job field. They judge the reports as per their parameters. Thus, you need to understand and obey the rules on the EA website very carefully before writing the report.

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The telecommunications network engineers install, compose as well as operate all the communication systems of any organization in voice, data or video.

CDR for Telecommunications Network Engineer under 263312 EA ANZSCO Code

The Engineers Australia has very specific requirements for the Telecommunications Network Engineer applying under 263312 ANZSCO Code. As per EA requirements, they need to select and customize the software or hardware applications.

He has the following job responsibilities:

  • Planning, designing, configuring, building and commission all sorts of telecommunications devices, systems, and networks. These system tasks include two-way, radio, voice, data, satellite, microwave, digital systems and ensure the telecommunication systems to be interconnected with the equipment from various users, service provider, and manufacturers.
  • Compiling all the engineering project proposals for defining the goals. Scope, identity, need, backgrounds, and ascertaining the costs of the parts, equipment, and services
  • Procuring and evaluating the new services and products from the vendors
  • Ensuring combines with the laws, policies, procedure, and regulations to provide the telecommunication systems
  • Developing and selecting the new telecommunications sites by locating them, filling and drawing up documents, referring the construction drawings and sending for approval
  • Determining the appropriate configurations of the telecom software and hardware to ensure the desired performances of the telecommunication equipment
  • Interpreting and preparing the specifications, regulation, and drawings for the usage of different telecommunication equipment
  • Determining the arrangement of the transformers, circuit, circuit-breakers, equipment and transmission lines
  • Analyzing and Identifying different need and problems in the existing telecommunication system like clarity, intelligibility, and interference for determining the most appropriate means of reducing and eliminating any future issues and improve the communications
  • Monitoring the telecommunications systems for assessing the needs for new updates, enhancements, upgrades, new systems and preventive maintenance
  • Assessing the performance levels of the software and hardware to the future needs of the project. It includes develo8ng the long and short-term plans to update the equipment and add capabilities enhancing the systems to provide improved telecommunications.

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Why Is the 263312ANZSCO Code Needed By the Engineers Australia (EA) For the Telecommunications Network Engineer Category?

The Engineers Australia (EA) has fixed separate and unique ANZSCO Codes for various engineering disciplines. Thus, the ANZSCO Code for Telecommunications Network Engineer under EA is 263312.

Thus, if you are applying for Telecommunications Network Engineer category CDR application, then you need to apply under the 263312 ANZSCO Code. This CDR report includes the following elements:

  • Three Career Episodes, A CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and a Summary Statement (SS) along with an updated resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae).
  • The Curriculum Vitae is a resume based on any professional template
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD): It explains your engineering knowledge.

This part is 1000 words long.

  • Career Episode Report1: It is 1850 words in length
  • Career Episode Report2: it is 1700 words long
  • Career Episode Report3: This part is 2100 words long
  • The Summary Statement (SS): It is a detailed explanation of all the mentioned competence elements. It is 1500 words long.

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CDR Australia for Telecommunications Network Engineer

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