CDR Report for Engineering Technologist ANZSCO 233914

The CDR or the Competency Demonstration Report is the entrance way for the professional engineer from all across the world to live and work in Australia as technocrats. There are certain engineering categories under which you can apply for the CDR.

CDR for Engineering Technologist

The CDRs are eased by a team of sectors known as the Engineers Australia (EA) association. Under the MSA booklet published by the EA, the categories under which you can make the CDR application are -Engineering manager, engineering technologist and engineering associate.

Among these the Engineering Technologists are deemed to modify already exiting as well recent engineering technologist by applying, testing and implying the in the new projects. CDR report for Engineering Technologist needs the following documents:

  • An identification document including a current passport with the name of the applicant
  • Current passport size photo
  • All the academic degree certificates
  • Recent updated CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  • The statement mentioned for the selected category
  • Career report samples of engineering and technologist

The engineering technologists have a huge demand in Australia. The CDR is applicable for only those who passed engineering from an Australian University or any “Accord University” abroad. The engineering technologist CDR report Career Episodes analyzes as well as modifies all the new engineering technologies as done by testing engineering projects.

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Engineering Technologist with ANZSCO 233914

The major tasks of the Engineering Technologist as per the EA published MS booklet are as follows:

  • Establishing the standards and policies for installation, input, testing, modification, creation, quality, control, tracking, maintenance and inspection of the industry
  • Inspecting the plans for ensuring optimum performances
  • Delivering via the support of any plan in building and the equipment plans for coordinating with the management requirements in designing new surveys, things, and scheduled maintenances.
  • Preparing the contractors and the pre-specifications for constructing the plan and the facility acquisitions.
  • The engineering technologists schedule the pans and details the production activities.
  • Testing the newly installed machines to maintain the equipment and ensuring commanding with the needs and their specifications.

The CDR for Engineering Technologist Includes the Following:

  • Designing the new mechanical equipment and testing them with the components and machinery products. These are done to manufacture future new products. The system construction is also planned based on this new equipment.
  • Developing the specifications for producing new things and implementing the tools and materials. These are done to rest the equipment, material; flow, piping, system layout, etc.
  • Managing an organizing new project, planning the labors and delivering the equipment and materials.
  • Establishing detailed programs the coordination of various manufacturing activities
  • Establishing the standard plans and policies for installation, quality performance, modification, and inspection, testing and material maintenance as per the engineering principles.
  • Maintaining the plant’s optimum performances
  • Directing the labor and management for up taking the manufacturing equipment as well as coordinating the new designs, schedules, and surveys
  • Preparing various specifications and contracts for constructing the machines
  • These machines have all the facilities to develop the contracts administering, verifying and certifying the new deals

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Why is the ANZSCO Code Needed?

The “ANZSCO” standard for the “Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations.” The ANZSCO Codes provide the job tasks for all the technical professionals in the nation of Australia and New Zealand. For the migration skills assessment by the EA, you always need to select the right ANZSCO Code. You always need to clarify your professional category before submitting the CDR to the EA. The ANZSCO code for engineering technologist under EA is 233914.

Following are the engineering specializations under engineering technologist:

  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Materials Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Mining Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Naval Architect
  • Structural Engineer
  • Production or Plant Engineer
  • Telecommunications Network Engineer
  • Telecommunications Engineer
  • Engineering Professional
  • Transport Engineer

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CDR Australia for Engineering Technologist

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