130+ Business Dissertation Topics for Students in 2024

Business Dissertation Topics

A business dissertation typically represents a significant scholarly project undertaken by graduate students, usually at the master’s or doctoral level. It focuses on a specific aspect of business theory, practice, or management and involves conducting original research, analyzing data, and presenting findings to contribute new insights or knowledge to the field of business.

Business Dissertation Topics are very commonly given to business management students. This blog will discuss Business Dissertation Topics & Ideas for Students.

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business dissertation topics

How to Write a Good Business Dissertation?

  1. Select the topic: This is the very first step before starting to write your dissertation paper. You always need to choose a suitable topic to serve the purpose of your target audiences. It would help if you structured your dissertation based on your target audiences. In this regard, you need to read a number of journals and articles in various published documents. 
  2. Structure the document: The next step is properly structuring your dissertation paper. This step is very important. Your paper always needs to serve your audience’s needs.
  3. Write a good abstract: Here, you need to write a concise and informative summary of the topic and the stated arguments in your dissertation paper. Your readers should understand your dissertation well. 

Write a good introduction. It includes:

  • Authors background with the members participating
  • Papers scope
  • Why you are conducting this dissertation
  • All the used methodologies
  • If there are any limitations
  • All the breakthroughs

Writing the Dissertation Body: The dissertation topic must be covered in detail. This must be written in a very orderly and coherent order. This includes:

  • Topic details
  • Faced challenges
  • Methodologies
  • Work findings
  • Highlighting all the key points

Conclusion: It is written with the introduction and the abstract. It should be written to reinforce the main data to the readers.

Citations and References: Your distant include all the references and citations from various good sources. These are needed to be given to make the document look more genuine to the readers. 

Bibliography: You need to include the bibliography at the terminal part of your dissertation. It includes information from the sources from which you have gathered all the data and information on the given topic. 

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How to Structure Your Business Dissertation

A dissertation structure contains the following:

  • Title page: You need to start your dissertation with the title page. This page should contain the author’s name, research, topic, degree, etc. 
  • Acknowledgements: This section of your dissertation is thanking those who helped you write the whole project. These people can be family, friends, peers, seniors, supervisors, or mentors. 
  • Abstract: It is the smallest part of your thesis and contains the main points of the whole dissertation. 
  • Table of Contents: This needs to contain all the content page numbers in a serial order.
  • Literature Review:
    • Review relevant literature and theoretical frameworks related to your research topic.
    • Critically analyze existing research, identifying gaps, contradictions, and areas for further investigation.
  • Methodology:
    • Describe the research methods and techniques used to collect and analyze data.
    • Justify your chosen methodology and explain how it aligns with your research objectives.
    • Provide details on sampling, data collection procedures, and data analysis techniques.
  • Results:
    • Present the findings of your research in a clear and organized manner.
    • Use tables, charts, graphs, or other visual aids to enhance understanding.
    • Interpret the results and discuss their implications.
  • Discussion:
    • Analyze and interpret the results in relation to the research questions and objectives.
    • Discuss the significance of your findings and how they contribute to the existing body of knowledge.
    • Address any limitations of your study and suggest areas for future research.
  • Conclusion:
    • Summarize the key findings and their implications.
    • Reflect on the research process and any insights gained.
    • Offer recommendations for practitioners or policymakers based on your findings.
  • References:
    • Provide a comprehensive list of all the sources cited in your dissertation, following a consistent citation style (e.g., APA, MLA, and Chicago).
    • Ensure accuracy and proper formatting of all references.
  • Appendices: Include any additional materials, such as raw data, survey instruments, or supplementary analyses, that support your dissertation but are not essential to the main text.

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130+ Business Dissertation Topics for Students in 2024

International Business Dissertation Topics

  1. How the MNCs use various business strategies
  2. How Covid 19 has adversely affected global business
  3. Management vs globalization
  4. The political approach of companies toward emerging economies
  5. Effect of business activities after corporate globalization
  6. Pros and cons of global business
  7. How to stay alive in immense competition in the field of international business
  8. What are the fastest and the most effective ways to do international marketing?
  9. How to conduct a global customer survey
  10. Application of statistics in global business

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Corporate Social Responsibility Business Dissertation Topics

  1. Quantitative research of the effect of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on any company
  2. Explain the large-scale global CSR program by Coca-Cola
  3. How climatic changes affect CSR
  4. What are the sustainable development goals of the UNO?
  5. How CSR can be linked with business values
  6. Fashion business vs CSR
  7. Are CSR law sections different in different countries?
  8. How to abide by the CSR law sections in overseas business
  9. Are there any penalties for not abiding by CSR?
  10. CSR for smaller industries

Technology and Innovation Management Business Dissertation Topics

  1. Impact of globalization on MNCs business strategy
  2. What are the cultural challenges faced by the leaders of global business
  3. Role of innovation in the growth of global business
  4. Impact of political instability on global business
  5. Role of digital technology international business
  6. What are the ethical challenges faced by multinational companies
  7. Perfect marketing mode online in this digital era
  8. Online vs offline marketing
  9. Pros and cons of modern technical applications in business
  10. Application of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in Modern Business 

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International Human Resource Management Dissertation Topics

  1. How remote working Affects Employee output and productivity
  2. Effect of Employee Attrition and Retraction in Business Organizations
  3. Impact of headhunting on global organizations
  4. Use of 360-degree Delphi technique in human resource and management of modern companies
  5. What is HR AUDITING?
  6. Explain job rotation 
  7. How to evaluate employee performances
  8. How to fix salary scales for staff at various designations
  9. Is a yearly bonus really necessary for the staff?
  10. How to fix dearness allowances for employees at various job levels

Leadership and Innovation Business Dissertation Topics

  1. Impact of leadership on business
  2. Leadership vs management
  3. Effects of poor political leadership
  4. Role of businesswomen in global leadership
  5. Climate leadership
  6. How leadership affects staff performance
  7. What should be the minimum qualification levels for business leaders? 
  8. What are the criteria for being a true business leader?
  9. Qualities of a great leader
  10. How to elect or select a good leader

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Global Strategy for Business Dissertation Topics

  1. Effect of board diversities on corporate governance
  2. Alignment of company personnel with CEO compensation
  3. Shareholder activism and its effect on global corporate governance
  4. Corporate Governance vs Stakeholder Management
  5. Significance of the Institutional Investors on Corporate Management
  6. Business management and ethical considerations
  7. How to make company mergers most profitable
  8. Ways to make company acquisition fruitful
  9. How mergers and acquisition affect employees
  10. How to deal with the company stakeholders most effectively and profitably
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Dissertation Topics in Business Intelligence

  1. Benefits and risks of a global joint venture
  2. How to develop a business strategy to reach beyond the borders and become global
  3. What are the effects on a business when it exits from a joint venture?
  4. Is financial holding really successful in any international business environment?
  5. Explain vendor management as a part of business strategy
  6. What are the top statistical business forecasting models used globally
  7. Can business sales profits or losses be really forecasted?
  8. How to boost business sales and trigger productivity
  9. How to carry out very successful target marketing

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Globalisation and Strategy Business Dissertation Topics

  1. Effect of digital business strategy on global economic growth
  2. How to market your own brand via social media
  3. Explain SWOT analysis with examples
  4. How to use black Friday sales strategy
  5. How to boost sales rate
  6. Explain the 4Ps of marketing with practical examples
  7. Effects of customer culture and tradition in the field of global business marketing 
  8. How to carry out a very effective market segmentation to establish a global business
  9. Why currency plays a big role in overseas marketing
  10. How to get the best international lawyers for overseas business operations

Small Business Dissertation Topics

  1. How cultural diversities affect global marketing
  2. How global economic inflation influence business
  3. Boost small and medium-scale industries
  4. How to fix staff salaries for well going of the small business units
  5. How to save small-scale business units in high-competition
  6. Explain global entrepreneurship
  7. How to get government aid to promote small and medium-scale industries
  8. How to start a small-scale business or start-up
  9. Ways to improve the product and service quality of the small and medium-scale industries (SMEs)
  10. How to turn a small-scale business into a big one
  11. How to adapt the best marketing strategies for small and medium-scale businesses

Trending Business Dissertation Topics

  1. How to handle risk management
  2. Investment Decision-Making vs Behavioral Finance
  3. How to do the best market positioning of any newly launched product or service
  4. How financial technology is related to modern-day banking
  5. What is the application of Cryptocurrency in finance management?
  6. How the change in the rate of interest affects the common bank customers

Latest Business Dissertation Topics

  1. The effect of digital marketing in medium as well as small-scale business units
  2. Global marketing- a clever combination of local and global marketing
  3. How to design the best logistics system for any organization
  4. How to promote your FMCG products the best way to reach the masses within the shortest period of time
  5. What are the best ways to motivate your employees to improve their productivity?
  6. How to use the best market forecasting methods and tools

Business Management Dissertation Topics

  1. Explain the pros and cons of PESTEL analysis
  2. How to keep corporate finance safe and secure from hacking in the age of digital financing
  3. How currency plays a very important role in global marketing overseas company establishments
  4. What are the pros and cons of online marketing?
  5. How to service in a highly competitive environment
  6. How to select the best employees best suited for specified pots in your company

Global Politics and Global Business Dissertation Topics

  1. How UNO plays a vital role in global business exchanges
  2. Role of currency exchanges and forex in global business
  3. How global politics and geopolitics play a vital role in overseas business operations
  4. If the friendship between 2 countries is good, then their international business ties can also be good and vice versa-justify
  5. Global terrorism vs international business establishment and product exchanges
  6. Role of women entrepreneurs in global business

Organisational Behaviour Dissertation Topics

  1. Explain cross-border conflict management
  2. How can you make the best use of social networking platforms for proper recruitment of staff?
  3. How to care the best to meet the essential needs of your employees
  4. Explain the ‘Theory of Planned Behaviour’ with practical examples from the current industrial scenario
  5. How to prevent headhunting and employee attrition in your organization
  6. How to design and plan the best staff training sessions

Corporate Social Responsibility Dissertation Topics

  1. What is the actual significance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the corporates?
  2. Explain Corporate Social Responsibility with reference to the Coca-Cola Company 
  3. How the factories abide by the law sections related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  4. Explain the case of Enron in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  5. How Xerox Company has excelled in Corporate Social Responsibility and worldwide popularity
  6. How can the oil drilling industries abide by Corporate Social Responsibility?

Final Thoughts

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