120+ Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation Topics for you to Consider

What is Tourism and Hospitality?

Hospitality is a vast industry, including a number of fields dealing with delivering services to local and global customers, like accommodation and meals, transport, recreation, etc. Today, this is a very big industry that offers services for people for business or holidaying. Let’s Start – Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation Topics

120+ Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation Topics

Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation Paper Writing

Today, tourism and hospitality are big global industries that deal with local and international tourists. Thus, a degree course in Tourism and Hospitality is very popular today. Many reputed institutes offer tourism and hospitality degree courses.

While pursuing these courses, students must do many Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation Paper Writing assignments. There are huge job prospects after passing tourism and hospitality management. You can get a job in any big international travel agency or start your own travel agency business.

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How to Structure Your Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation?

A hospitality and tourism dissertation paper consists of the following segments:

  • Food and beverage: One of the primary tasks of any travel agent is to arrange proper eating and drinking for the tourists according to their taste.
  • Accommodation: He must arrange comfortable and cost-effective accommodation for the traveller, whether in families, solo or groups.
  • Entertainment and Recreation: Tourists always need a taste of entertainment and recreation and travel on any national or international tour.
  • Travel and Tourism: The travel agency will arrange A wide range of travel and tourism.
  • Visa operations: In the case of international tourism, arranging for a proper visa for the tourist is very important.

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List of Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Top Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation Topics

  1. Tourism after Coronavirus Pandemic
  2. How can you investigate the long-lasting effects of the latest travel restrictions imposed by the British government?
  3. Can easing all the travel restrictions can really be beneficial for tourism in the UK?
  4. How has the coronavirus affected the Emirates hotel chain business in the Dubai tourism sector?
  5. How has the coronavirus adversely affected tourism in the exotic Caribbean islands?
  6. Online Tourism Agents and Websites
  7. Impacts of Social Distancing on Tourism Management
  8. Advances in Tourism and Hospitality Post-pandemic
  9. What is the effect of the smaller budget airline on triggering European tourism?
  10. Factors Impacting Destination Selection for Medical Tourism?
  11. How can the economic stats of any country impact its local tourism business?
  12. How do global travellers select travel destinations and hotels on the basis of eco-friendly tourism?
  13. What is the impact of the government laws, rules and restrictions on the local and global tourism industry?
  14. How the modern-day tourists use social media in selecting travel destinations?
  15. What factors affect tourists’ decision to travel to dark tourist sites?
  16. How can you minimize the risks of natural hazards affecting tourism?
  17. What are the best ways to get tourist visas sanctioned by the government of the destination countries for your clients without any delays?
  18. How can the health of the travellers in a tourist group, especially senior citizens, be taken care of?
  19. How to make use of the travel insurance schemes most effectively?

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Educational Tourism Dissertation Topics

  1. How the modern-day travel vlogger and bloggers impact global tourism?
  2. What factors contribute to the selection of British students in the international program for student exchange?
  3. What are the most popular host countries for international students?
  4. How can you analyze the success of global students in various institutes in the UK?
  5. What factors contribute to the “work and study” program of international students in various nations?
  6. How can you conduct the best market analysis to promote any country as a destination for international students?
  7. How popular is the student exchange program in countries that speak Chinese?
  8. Why do so many students join the academic year exchange study programs in Japan?
  9. How much are the university students satisfied with various international “cultural exchange programs in USA
  10. Assessing the most potential marketing tools to make any country an ideal study destination for global students

Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation Topics for 2023

Dissertation Topics on Medical Tourism

  1. Why do the citizens of the UK travel to various countries for their dental-related treatments?
  2. How can you promote weight loss programs with proper marketing strategies in various countries?
  3. Why are global tourists interested in travelling to Thailand for various plastic surgery procedures?
  4. Why are British women interested in purchasing body contour packages from East Asia?
  5. How satisfied are the gay tourists with undergoing sex augmentation surgeries in Bangkok?
  6. How good is Switzerland in weight loss treatment for global travellers?
  7. How are face-lifting packages popular among female Western travellers in East Asia?
  8. How often do female Western travellers opt to travel to other countries for various plastic surgeries?
  9. Which countries are the best European destinations for buying extreme makeover packages for international tourists?
  10. How the homosexual male tourists from all over the world travel to various international travel destinations for sex reassignment surgeries?

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Dissertation topics on tourism management

  1. Why London is the best destination for Christmas shopping?
  2. Why is the Chinese World Heritage Tour a special attraction for European tourists?
  3. Why are hotel industry employees so much motivated to work in Dubai?
  4. What are the significant factors that tourists consider before selecting a travel destination?
  5. How did Thai tourism survive the Tsunami?
  6. Why do western tourists consider Thailand as a very good winter holiday destination?
  7. How popular are the Egypt tour packages?
  8. How efficiently can the integrated marketing concept be used to respire Amsterdam’s tourism industry?
  9. Why is cruise travel in South Africa so popular?
  10. What are the travel precautions?
  11. How to deal with various visa rules
  12. How to take care of the senior citizens in any travel group?
  13. How to take care of the specially-abled travellers in any travel group?

Hospitality Dissertation Topics

  1. Why do global customers always prefer leisure hotels for overseas tours?
  2. How do global customers choose hotels?
  3. How the travel agents use the Internet for their job
  4. How popular is the budget hotel in global tourism?
  5. How do buying decisions affect leisure tourism?
  6. How can you motivate the employees in hotels and restaurants in London?
  7. How does technology affect the hotel and hospitality industry?
  8. How to select the best restaurants for Friday night outs
  9. Do the cultural differences of global tourists affect the selection of global hotels?
  10. How can be food ordered online in foreign lands?
  11. How do smaller catering firms create their brand identities using integrated marketing?
  12. Do the brands affect the buying decisions among foreign travellers?
  13. How popular is Thai food among global travellers?
  14. What are the best foreign destinations for Western couples?
  15. What effect of the latest technologies in hospitality management?
  16. How effective are the online travel agency websites?
  17. Why do most travellers prefer to travel solo nowadays?
  18. Can royal weddings really impact the tourism industry?

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Ecotourism Dissertation Topics

  1. What is the attitude and mentality about ecotourism among Western travellers?
  2. What factors affect ecotourism in the year 2018?
  3. Can Edinburgh be developed as a perfect ecotourism destination?
  4. How can ecotourism be more developed in developing countries than the Western ones?
  5. How ecotourism benefits the local population
  6. How important is pricing in the world of ecotourism?
  7. Can Swansea be regarded as a popular ecotourism destination in the UK?
  8. How can an integrated marketing strategy be applied to ecotourism?
  9. Do European travellers prefer ecotourism to national tourism?
  10. How can ecotourism affect the purchasing behaviour of global customers?
  11. What are the measures for helping the fragile ecosystems of the endangered species in the Hawaiian islands?
  12. How internet can be used to boost ecotourism?

Dark Tourism Dissertation Topics

  1. Can browsing a site of death and suffering benefit the local community commercially?
  2. How dark can tourism really affect consumer buying behaviour?
  3. What is the attitude and perception of tourists towards dark tourism?
  4. How are the foreign tourists inclined towards the Edinburg dungeon?
  5. How can marketing communication be used as an effective tool to promote dark tourism?
  6. How can dark tourism websites be designed most effectively to attract tourists from all over the world?
  7. What is the genuine attitude of global customers toward all the man-made dark tourism sites?
  8. How the British customers choose the best dark tourism websites?
  9. How is Beaumaris Prison in Anglesey, Wales, a dark tourism destination?
  10. Can you really make Mercut in Scotland a good dark tourism spot?
  11. Can you effectively develop a plan for London dungeon tourism?
  12. The interest, pulse and urge for dark tourism among the travellers-explain
  13. Can dark tourism be really used as an effective education tool for developing interest among travellers?
  14. Can dark tourism focus on both the affected and the perpetrators?

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Medical Tourism Dissertation Topics

  1. What is the genuine attitude of female travellers from the West to undergoing extreme plastic surgery treatment in East and Southeast Asian countries?
  2. How inclined are British women towards hair transplant treatment in Turkey?
  3. The emergence of Poland as a medical tourism destination.
  4. How Western females make buying decisions to purchase body contour tour packages in Malaysia.
  5. How can Switzerland be considered a good travel destination for weight loss packages, wellness, spa treatments, and body massages?
  6. How good is Bangkok as a treatment centre for sex reassignment surgeries?
  7. How satisfied are the foreign customers after undergoing various weight loss programs in India?

Educational Tourism Dissertation Topics

  1. What is the attitude and perception of foreign students towards various work and study programs in England?
  2. How are the degree course study programs in various countries within Europe?
  3. How young global students choose cultural exchange programmes in the US.
  4. What is the attitude of British students in studying abroad?
  5. Write about various student exchange programs in various European nations.
  6. What are university students’ real attitudes and perceptions towards the volunteering camps in South Africa?
  7. How is China emerging today as a preferred education travel destination for global students?
  8. What factors do global students need to consider before choosing their study destination country?
  9. How is the academic year exchange study program in Japan?
  10. What is the effectiveness of the cultural exchange programs?
  11. How does the British Council use integrated marketing to attract global students?

Black Tourism Dissertation Topics

  1. Does visiting a site of suffering and death socially and commercially benefit local communities?
  2. Dark tourism factors affecting consumer buying in the UK.
  3. Perception and attitude of tourists towards the Jack the Ripper site.
  4. Perception and attitude of foreign tourists toward Edinburgh Dungeon.
  5. How can dark tourism websites be optimized by using integral marketing?
  6. What is the real purpose of making dark tourism websites?

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