What Are the Best Research Paper Topics in Marketing For 2023?


Marketing research is the orderly gathering, analysis and recording of quantitative as well as qualitative data regarding the issues related to the marketed products and services. The ultimate goal of marketing research is to assess and identify how the changing elements of any marketing mix affect the customer’s behaviour. Business management students are burdened with a lot of assignments on marketing research.

Marketing Research Paper Topics Ideas

What Is Marketing In Today’s Global Scenario?

The financial department is regarded as the brain of any business organization, while the marketing department is its heart. This heart supplies oxygen and nutrients all across the body. In today’s global scenario, marketing management deals with customer communication and other aspects of the business organization. Marketing research triggers both internal as well external activities of any business.

In today’s world, the entire large-scale, small-scale, local as well as global, public, private, etc., are competing in the same market. All types of companies have now realized the power of the holistic marketing approach for creating and maintaining a good demand, competition and reputation.

The role of marketing research in today’s global scenario is very much huge and diverse. Below are the few roles of marketing management and research in today’s global scenario:

  • Creating a brand name: The brand is one of the most valuable assets of any company. The whole responsibility of creating a good brand name lies on the shoulders of the marketing department in any company. Any market is a mixture of various products, and an outstanding one is a brand. In today’s global scenario, the brand name is not just a combination of design, name and symbol but also a business-to-consumer relation, the t consumers’ perception as well the customer’s opinion about the company with its products. A brand carries an awareness value along with the symbolic value of the company. This thing ultimately leads to brand loyalty, triggering the global sales rate.
  • Product Development: One of the most important aspects of marketing management is its product development strategy. The 4 Ps of the marketing model are applicable here- product, price, place and promotion. Proper marketing research of these 4 Ps determines the future consumer behavior and buying power of the target customers in any local and global market. 
  • Communication: A market is always a place of competition. Thus, proper communication between the company and the prospective customers is very important to know what the consumers need or want. Proper marketing research is always a very good communication strategy that makes your brand very much exclusive. New global communication media in today’s world are smart devices; the internet, social media platforms, etc., have opened new doors to faster and globally targeted marketing approaches. These channels have also made communication with the target customers easier globally. 
  • Building a good relationship with customers: Keeping a very good rapport and relationship with future customers is always a very important task to be done by the marketing department.
  • Keeping up the company reputation: It is the duty of any marketer to keep up the good reputation of his company through proper local and global marketing. 

Their institutes often give MBA (Master of Business Administration) research papers on marketing assignments. These papers always need to elaborate on the roles mentioned above in marketing management with practical examples of companies from global marketing scenarios.

How to Select a Relevant Topic for Your Marketing Research?

  • Always follow your passion: You always need to choose the marketing research topic that interests you the most. Thus, you will be more enthusiastic about carrying out thorough marketing research on your favorite topic. 
  • Narrow down your topic course: After getting a good idea of your marketing topic, you need to narrow it down as per requirement. This will make your marketing research paper more interesting and engaging to the readers.
  • Search through the lists of online marketing research topics: Today, the internet or the online mode is an excellent path to carry out an effective marketing process. You can get a huge lot of marketing research topics from there. You always need to select the best from the long lists.
  • Choosing the topic: Many management institutes give the student a specific topic to write the marketing research assignment paper, while some give students the freedom to choose the topic on their own. In the second case, you need to select a topic that interests you and is relevant to your subject area. 
  • Be factual: While writing a marketing research paper, you always need to be very much factual as well as to the point. You always need to support your given points with real examples from the current industry. 

If you select the topic for your Marketing Research Assignment the way mentioned above, you can do it effectively.

List of Marketing Research Paper Topics Ideas in 2023

Research Paper Topics Ideas for Marketing Students:

  1. Techniques used in reputation management?
  2. CSR marketing strategy
  3. Brand performance
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Using the internet and online marketing
  6. Lifestyle branding vs influencer branding
  7. Latest technologies used in marketing
  8. Customers’ opinion on online marketing
  9. Consumer decision-making factors
  10. Effects of e-commerce
  11. SWOT analysis
  12. 4 Ps of marketing
  13. Brand reputation
  14. Competitive marketing strategy
  15. Brand experiences
  16. Social Marketing Mix Strategy
  17. Product Packaging’s Role
  18. Product positioning
  19. International marketing
  20. Product designing
  21. Market survey
  22. Guest blogging in marketing
  23. B2C vs. B2B Marketing
  24. B2B marketing strategies
  25. Social media channels for B2B Marketing
  26. Comparative analysis in marketing
  27. Market competition
  28. Global Marketing
  29. How reviews affect product sales
  30. Programs on digital marketing
  31. Techniques for reputation repair
  32. Components of brand loyalty
  33. The connection between Brand Loyalty and Brand Personality
  34. Brand Loyalty vs Customer Satisfaction
  35. Key factors of marketing
  36. Role of marketing management
  37. Innovation in marketing
  38. Marketing: Aggressive vs Discrete
  39. Generation Z and Y Purchase Decisions
  40. US Purchase Decisions
  41. Target marketing
  42. Influence of cultural differences on marketing
  43. Effects of labels on marketing
  44. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies
  45. Email marketing
  46. Impact of artificial intelligence on digital marketing
  47. The role of personalization
  48. Virtual and augmented reality in online marketing
  49. Advantages of online or digital marketing
  50. Social media algorithms

Marketing Thesis Topics

  1. Ethical considerations in marketing
  2. E-commerce and digital marketing
  3. Role of Chatbots in customer service and marketing
  4. Gamification in digital marketing
  5. Understanding the Impact of Social Media on Brand Awareness
  6. Exploring the Effects of Digital Marketing on Consumer Buying Behaviour
  7. Investigating the Impact of Price Promotions on Brand Loyalty
  8. Analyzing the Role of Advertising in Developing Brand Equity
  9. Examining the Impact of Personalization Strategies on Customer Retention
  10. Investigating the Influence of Word of Mouth Marketing on Purchase Intentions
  11. Analyzing the Effects of Mobile Advertising on Customer Engagement
  12. Understanding the Role of Social Media Influencers in Brand Promotion
  13. Examining the Impact of Relationship Marketing on Customer Satisfaction
  14. Investigating the Effectiveness of Social Media Campaigns on Brand Image

Digital Marketing Topics for Research Papers

  1. What is the digital marketing approach applicable to a startup business?
  2. Case Study Analysis for Search Engine Optimization
  3. Return on Investment
  4. Traditional marketing vs digital marketing?
  5. Digital Marketing Techniques to Lower Cart Abandonment Rates
  6. Digital Marketing Tools for Competitor Research
  7. Targeted Marketing by Using Pay-Per-Click Ads
  8. Digital Marketing mix Techniques
  9. Brand Awareness and Repeat Purchases
  10. Marketing and Company Reputation
  11. Components of brand performance
  12. Best Social Media Strategies
  13. Influencer Marketing vs Lifestyle Branding
  14. Impact of Social Media Marketing on customer behavior
  15. Noteworthy Technologies in Online Decision Making Process
  16. Influence of Online Shopping
  17. Role of Brand Personality

Research Paper Topics for Strategic Marketing

  1. Major Components of Customer Relationship
  2. Impact on brand reputation
  3. Convergence and Divergence in consumer behavior
  4. Competitive Marketing Strategy components
  5. Effect of Brand Experience on customer purchase decisions
  6. Social Marketing Mix Strategy
  7. Importance of Product Packaging
  8. Price and Position Products affecting marketing strategy
  9. Advantages of marketing campaigns
  10. Product design and target marketing strategies
  11. Building by Company Brand Image Through Guest Blogging
  12. B2C vs B2B marketing strategies
  13. Top practices in B2B Marketing
  14. Top practices in B2C marketing
  15. Best Social Media Platform used for B2B Marketing
  16. Effects of customer satisfaction on sales performance
  17. Strategies of affiliate marketing
  18. Brand Receives Negative Word of Mouth
  19. How to repair a bad reputation through effective marketing
  20. Components of Brand Loyalty
  21. Brand Attachment Role
  22. Unethical Company Behavior Effect
  23. Building brand equity
  24. Aggressive vs discreet marketing

Influential Marketing Research Topics

  1. The Impact of Social Media on Consumer Buying Habits
  2. The Role of Word-of-Mouth in Business to Consumer Marketing
  3. Studying the Effectiveness of Geotargeting for Advertising
  4. Analyzing the Effectiveness of Digital Advertising Campaigns
  5. Understanding How People Make Decisions When Purchasing Online
  6. Examining the Role of Emotional Appeal in Advertising
  7. Investigating the Impact of Celebrity Endorsements on Brand Perception
  8. Exploring the Impact of Personalization on Digital Advertising
  9. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Loyalty Programs
  10. Investigating the Effectiveness of Mobile Advertising

The marketing research topics in 2023 mentioned above are very common and ongoing.


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