What Is The Fastest Way To Cover The Syllabus? Step By Step Guide

What Is The Fastest Way To Cover The Syllabus? Step By Step Guide

How You Can Define Syllabus?

The syllabus is the summary of the  Course of Study that is required for your examination or paper setting. This may be treated as a written work that takes care of your formally and systematically Study of a particular subject.


Why  Syllabus is  Important?

The syllabus collects all the vital information about your course of study in one place. In reply to your quarries about class schedules, the target date of exam or related to the duration of exam hours, your faculty professor may state that it is covered in the syllabus. On checking your syllabus, you can find the extent of completion of subjects and in how many days it requires to complete in time. Our assignment help solution experts may advise the student how to complete syllabus by application often vital steps as described below.

What is the Role of the Syllabus?

Syllabus creates expectations for the excellent quality of work that is desired from the students and present them the ways and means for their exam preparation. This also comprises a course time table considering the syllabus and guides students to meet their expectations by fetching high marks on each subject.

How to Cover Syllabus Step by Step in a Faster Way?

You should select a smaller quantity of subjects covered in syllabus daily in place of a large chunk of the syllabus. It will not serve your purpose if you study in hurry all the chapters at a time that you have not yet covered. In that case, you will be able only a small portion of it for the exam. In addition to the above, it is good for you to note down the weightage of the subjects so as you may plan your preparations accordingly. The study by following previous year question papers helps in obtaining well acquainted with the pattern of the examination.

Our casestudyhelp.com, one of the reputed essay writing and dissertation help service provider suggests the following 10 elements you can cover your syllabus quickly:

  • Be organized with your syllabus
  • Make a revision time table
  • Follow the smarter way of Study
  • Past exam questions should be collected and Practiced regularly
  • You have to learn more on the subject that you know less
  • Practice answering the mock question paper
  • Aware of the layout of the question paper

Eat, drink in timely and exercise.

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10 Steps to Study to be Followed Before Exams

The system of Study for 12 to 14 hours per day is extremely unhealthy, but we practice it almost all day prior to the exam to complete our syllabus. Such procedure reduces the study hour shorter but very effective.

Suggested below few steps for your consideration that can make your study sessions remarkably effective and help your concentrate in your Study effectively:

1. Practice to Study in a small portion of syllabus daily instead of Study a huge amount. If you try to study with hurry all together, you will memorize a very small portion.

2. It is advised to study for the optimal period of 2 hours with the outbreak. This 2 hours can be broken down into 25 minutes slots for in-depth Study. You may take a 5-minute intermediate break in between.

3. While taking a break, you must keep your mind free from thoughts related to exam subjects. You can enjoy the brake time to discuss the syllabus with colleagues telephonically or plan your next round of reading which will relax your mind. Without taking a break, your next round of studying shall not be effective.

4. In a syllabus, study material can be subdivided into core and an elaborative class of material. Your core material comprises of important theories, theorems, mathematical calculation, sketches and diagrams and graphical presentation. Your, elaborative material shall comprise:

  • examples,
  • illustrations and
  • quotes

It is found that 80 per cent of the exam questions asked are mostly sourced from the core subject. So, if you need to perform better, concentrate with core subject material of the various topics of your syllabus.

5. Every day you should review the study list daily and should count backlog if any that needs to make up. The subjects that you have to learn are of three categories that comprise:

  • Biology,
  • History and
  • Geography, that to be studied intensively

Subjects which are Problem-solving like Mathematics and Physics.

6. Reading the chapters and highlighting important portions help a lot. You should read the important points and write them down afterwards.

7. It is important to take notes for practical completion of the syllabus during final hours. Two scientific methods of taking notes are -SQ5R and Cornell Notes.

The SQ5R type is applied for short Survey, Question related, Reading, Recording, Recitation, Review etc. Survey: Quickly review the textbook and mark up important parts. It should hardly take more than 7-10 minutes.

Question: Headings and subheadings of the text used as a treat as questions that are generally asked in the. Note down possible questions at the side of the text that are important.

Three R’s: Reading, Record and Reflect are the three R’s to be practised. Important titles to be put in bullets form for better visual effect.

Review: Question yourself on the points you have noted and observe if you are able to answer them correctly.

Reflect: The above steps should be repeated and reflected in the topic you learned.

8. Prepare a couple of charts and paste on your wall and write the critical dates, formulae, and other important information that are not easy to learn.

By looking on the wall in front of your eyes always will help you learn them more quickly than trying to mug them. Create flashcards for the difficult bits make you carry them everywhere.

9. While studying untouched and fresh chapters, you need to consider the above three R’s as very important. All types of new information you collect needs to be captured, reviewed and applied within 24 hours. On failure, you lose 80 per cent of the knowledge learned by you.

10. It is found that most of the students stay up late at night to prepare for the exam. You follow that you should remember that the sleep should be sound one and proper that will improve the short-term memory that you studied to long-term memory that you can recall in the exam hall.

If you can practice the above ten vital steps effectively for longer periods, will enable you to get finish your syllabus within the exam schedule.

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How to Write a Case Study Assignment? Guidelines for College & University Students

How to Write a Case Study Assignment? Guidelines for College & University Students

Case Study & Its Fundamentals

It always gives an inquisitive feeling when we instantly hear the term “Case Study”! A curiosity about what it’s all about, what can be the aspects of a case study and why anybody needs it, such questions go into the brain generously. So, the major aspects we can discuss are giving all the answers to your questions and clarifying the attributes and fundamentals of a case study.

How to Write a Case Study Assignment Essay

Checkout – How to Write a Case Study Report Sample?

What is a Case Study?

A case study is a paper of some records; it can be some incidental sequences regarding some specific matter, or of a specific person or product, or data and information on a particular topic, which needs to be critically analysed in terms of illustrating an exact thesis or principle.

Case Studies are meant for studying, understanding, researching, and then analytically understanding the concept and making out the required fruitful results which will be helpful for the industry, organization, or the student reading it.

Here will be discussing the case studies done by students and their importance. A company base case study is nowhere different from the case studies that an MBA student does. But somewhere, the mainstream culture of working on it can differ a little in various company perspectives.

Types of Academic Case Studies:

While streaming with academic learning, a management or technical student can go through various case studies. You can notice there are different types of case studies will be coming around your way, which are mentioned in the following –

Cumulative Case Study  The term cumulative case study stands for a collection of past studies, which can be gathered from various resources like the internet, theory papers, other case studies, etc. It is basically aggregate information of that previous information, which allows the student to investigate a wider range of evaluating the concept and can be a repetitive study.

Illustrative Case Study Illustrative case studies are those that talk about a specific situation or periodic consequences, primarily a descriptive study. It typically gives light upon several instances of any event or situation, which provides the reader with an authentic idea about that perspective, and he becomes able to analyse that. Illustrative case studies are sometimes the most critical papers to examine for the students because, in that case, satisfying the need of the perspective doesn’t become that easy.

Critical Instance Case StudyIn this type of case study, the student examines a specific situation grounded with several critical questions and analyse it with a universal assertion. It is one of the most useful methodologies to answer cause and effect questions.

Exploratory Case Study The exploratory or pilot case study is technically a bit different from the above three. In that case, the basic aspect is to identify the questionnaire and then select the variety of fundamentals before the main analytics. An exploratory case study generally focuses on achieving a conclusion and convincing the seekers.

What Is The Purpose Of The Writing Case Study?

From a student’s perspective, it helps to focus clearly on the recent going scenarios in the industry or organizations. Then when the student analyses all the viewpoints of the case study in a critical manner, it makes him more prominent towards his subject. Case studies are very much subjective and goal-oriented for every student. A case study has specific ground to work upon, different fundamentals to judge and investigate, a lot of data to evaluate and a wide range of knowledge from the practical world. While the MBA students write a case study paper, they become clear about the attributes like – “how to answer case study questions in management”, “how to do the mainstream analysis on any industry or case”, & “how to answer case study questions in management”. One can lie upon these typical values while working on a case study. Besides that, it also makes great brainstorming among the students, and they become productive in their respective streams.

What Is A Case Study Assignment Paper?

A case study assignment paper is a professor’s task that an MBA student gets frequently. It stands for a specific type of management case study mentioned above, over which the pupil must work on many variants. An assignment needs high-time analytics, great authentication of answering the questions and the exact proposition of reading and thinking capability, which builds good outcomes.

The students sometimes have to think outside the cubicle in a case study paper. In that case, all the essential or required data will not be there in the case study, and pupils have to do research on it. The case study research also needs a mature sense of determining the right fundamental on which basis the assignment paper will get the priority.

Expert Help for Writing Case Study Assignment Essays

Many times it has been seen that newcomers or amateurs are not being that prominent to handle a case study assignment paper. This is very normal and generic because solving the critical questionnaire is not easy, and critical analysis is also important. The MBA case study papers are pretty tough, and the doubts regarding using a proper format are also there. Nowadays, formats like APA, MLA, Harvard, etc., have become very popular and user-friendly. But in case of using them correctly, a lot of students fail big time.

One can easily get help for such assignments, and for them, a highly professional workforce can easily work on the assignment paper in a few hours. How to write the analysis paper, handle the burning questions, focus on solved examples, and any other kinds of case study assignment help can be provided under any circumstances.

Case Study Questions And Answers

Guidelines for the Case Study /Assignment

To complete the Operational Level successfully, students should complete this case study. This is a compulsory component of the assessment process, and therefore all students are required to do it according to the guidelines given by colleges & universities in Australia, the UK, the USA, and anywhere:

Objectives of the Assignment

  • Develop your knowledge and skills in the Management Process.
  • Measure the knowledge and skills gained by the students
  • Making students active partners in the learning process.
  • Doing the case study will help students understand certain important concepts’ important aspects.

For successful completion of the relevant assignment/case study, students are required to:

  • Do this as an individual assignment in the form of a ‘written submission.’ (Computerized document)
  • It should be submitted as a spiral binding copy with a transparent cover (Mandatory)
  • Font Size should be 12 (Times New Roman and Lind Space should be 1.5)
  • Margins – Left 1.5’ Right 1’ Top and Bottom 1’
  • Comprehensively study the concepts relevant to the Evolution of Management and Management processes.
  • You are allowed to make assumptions to fill the gap in any required information.
  • You are also required to search for additional information as required.
  • Limit the case study to 1000 to 5000 words. (Depended on your requirement)
  • Keep a copy of the assignment with you.
  • Indicate the Index Number clearly on the cover page.
  • Prepare the cover page by using the model cover page issued by University. A soft copy of the cover page could be downloaded from the College & University platform.
  • To entirely refer to the source(s) of all material, even if you have re-expressed the ideas, facts or descriptions; acknowledge all direct quotations, and not submit work that has been researched and written by another person.
  • Show an in-depth understanding of the concepts of the Management processes and related subjects.
  • Maintain a very high standard of the assignment.
  • Duly complete the case study/assignment and hand it to Business School two weeks before the date you receive the case study. Distinctions and merits are not allowed for late submissions.

How to Write a Case Study Essay Examples & Samples for College & University

How to Get Expert Help with Your MBA Essay Writing in Australia, UK, US?

How to Get Expert Help with Your MBA Essay Writing in Australia, UK, US?

MBA is one of the most popularly studied professional post graduation degree courses in Australia, UK, USA as well as rest of the world. The full form of MBA is Master of Business Administration. It is a two years full time post graduation degree courses in various managerial specializations like marketing, finance, HR (Human Resource), systems and many more. The business schools offering MBA course gives students a lot of MBA essays or assignments to be completed at home. Students do not get much time and energy to complete these assignments by themselves. Under such situations, they definitely need a reliable online MBA Essay writing Help service from a reputed provider.

MBA Essay Writing Help


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Our services

The online MBA Essay writing Help service provided by us covers the following specializations:

  • Marketing
  • HRM (Human Resource Management)
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Systems
  • International marketing
  • Logistics management

Equally good MBA Essay Writing online service is provided in each of the specializations mentioned above. Each of these specialized topics re to be written in a different style ad format. You will get our expert guidance on all types of applicable styles and formats. In case, your business school provides you with the formats and guidelines, which will be accurately followed by us.

MBA Case study

How we provide marketing assignment help?

Marketing is one of the most common subjects of specializations in MBA. The MBA Essay writing Help service provided by case study help covers various fields in marketing. Some major topics covered by us in marketing are SWOT analysis, Boston matrix, market segmentation, survey, market position, branding, supply chain, market intermediaries, online marketing, various modes of marketing and many more. Our Professional MBA essay writers undergo very long research, studies and analysis to cover these topics. Thus, you are bound to get the highest grades with our online MBA Essay writing Help.

How finance assignment help is provided by us?

The finance assignment writers of casestudyhelp.com provide you with the best solution for your MBA finance assignment papers. They elaborately cover all the formula and numerical related to MBA finance assignment case study  papers. The MBA finance papers are to be written in a bit different manner as compared to the general degree course finance assignment papers. But our experts will take care of it. We always give a good corporate touch to the finance assignment papers. Thus, it will help you in professional managerial field in the long run. We will also help you in getting good scores in your MBA semester exams by clearing your MBA finance concepts.

How we provide operations assignment help?

Operations management is one of the major subjects of specialization for the MBA degree course students. Students with engineering degree background mostly opt for operations management specialization. We have the top technical background experts in the industry to provide you with the best operations management assignment help online. They will provide you with absolutely error-free assignment for your MBA course. All the case studies are down with a lot of effort and care.

How casestudyhelp.com provide HRM (Human Resource Management) assignment help?

The Human Resource Management is one of the most widely studied subjects of specialization in MBA degree course. It deals with various rules and methods to meet the needs and welfare of the company staff. Thus, it is very much essential to run any organization. The experts of Casestudyhelp.com  will always provide you with the best MBA Essay writing Help service online on human resource management. You can also get an idea on our assignments from the free samples on our website. Thus, you will also get guidance on how to write your MBA assignments perfectly.

How to get admission in a desired b-school with a good MBA essay?

Today, majority of the MBA colleges nee a very good MB essay for the admission process. Getting through an ideal business school is a very competitive task nowadays. Thus, you always need a trustworthy MBA Essay writing Help online service in this regard. Few tips to write a good MBA admission essay are as follows:

  • Always stick to the specific essay guidelines and formats given by the business school you are applying for
  • Get an overall knowledge regarding the institute and the managerial subject you are opting for
  • Always check the grammar and spelling of your essay paper
  • You can always opt for the best online resources to get more idea regarding MBA admission essay paper writing. Look for the most popularly viewed and highly optimized websites for this purpose.
  • Students can also get help from online experts in writing an ideal MBA admission essay with a bit professional touch.
  • Respond to the actual question
  • Prepare multiple draft for your essay
  • Write real life stories about your professional experiences
  • Ensure that you correctly express your motivations to fit for the MBA program
  • Do not praise the business school
  • Do not repeat the same points in your resume
  • Do not write about the obstacles or challenges in your life
  • Always keep your admissions essays and MBA cover letter unique
  • Try to avoid fluffs or repetition of the same phrases or ideas in your MBA admission essay paper

A very good MBA essay paper is a first step of starting a successful managerial career in the long run. If you follow all the above-mentioned tips carefully, you can always get an admission in a MBA college of your choice.

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How to Write a Good Dissertation Paper

How to Write a Good Dissertation Paper

A dissertation is an extended work piece which is divided into various chapters. It contains a detailed examination of your subject. It is a structured piece of writing which develops a very clear thought line in response to a central proposition. A dissertation is a very special type of essay. These are usually longer than usual essays. It needs a lot of studies, research, and patience in Dissertation Writing.

The dissertation provides the students with an opportunity to choose a good research topic. You can also source the supporting materials to write an ideal dissertation paper after independent research and study. You need to have a very clear idea regarding the correct methodology in writing a dissertation. In this blog, we will discuss “How to Write a Good Dissertation Paper“.


 How to write a dissertation?

1. Choose a good dissertation title and theme: you always need to select a very good theme and title for your dissertation. You can choose the title and address the issues in your dissertation related to the theme and title.

2. Give a proper structure to your dissertation proposal: Your dissertation proposal needs the following structure:

  • Dissertation title.
  • Dissertation objectives: You need to emphasize on your objective. Students need to avoid extensive plans in the theme of the dissertation.
  • Research: it is the main section of your dissertation. In this section, you need to enlist specific references. These references include the school of thought, areas of study and other information related to your dissertation theme.
  • The potential outcomes: In this section of your dissertation, you need to write your expected outcomes on the topic.
  • Methodology: Your dissertation can be both non-empirical as well as empirical. A non-empirical dissertation is the one where the resources come from previously published projects. The empirical are the ones where you collect t data through the questionnaires. Here you also need to explain various methods of data collection.
  • The time frame: You always need to fix a definite time frame to complete the whole dissertation work. It covers all the sections of your dissertation paper.
  • The reference list: at the end of your dissertation paper you need to give a reference list.

What are the challenges of writing a dissertation?

  • Procrastination: Most of the students think that they have a lot of time to complete their dissertation project. Thus, they keep on delaying their writing. This Procrastination is dangerous for them since they fall in a frantic situation while they are near the dissertation submission deadlines
  • Lack of time and energy: Dissertation Writing assignment is a task that the students need to do along with their university exam preparation and studies. Thus, they do not get much time and energy to complete all the dissertation papers perfectly along with their university exam preparations.
  • Lack of research skills: Most of the students do not have enough dissertations writing experience thus, they cannot undergo a good research work.
  • Lack of writing skill: A dissertation paper needs to follow a set of strict rules for Academic Writing. You always need to write in a proper writing style, language, and form. Most of the students do not have enough writing skills to write in a proper way.
  • Problems in choosing a good topic: Often students face huge challenges in selecting a suitable topic to write the dissertation paper. This happens due to the lack of knowledge and experience.
  • Less help from the professors: The professors of most colleges and universities are very busy with the teaching part. They cannot allow enough time for the students’ dissertation writing. Thus, they get a very little guidance from their faculties.
  • Difficulties in choosing good sources: The inexperienced students face a lot of difficulties in choosing the best sources to carry out the research work, a very important task in dissertation writing.


Write a good dissertation paper by following methods discussed below:

  1. Conduct an effective research: The research stage is a very important part of your dissertation. It determines the overall development of your dissertation project. First, you need to find enough resources for the research work. You need to focus fully on your dissertation theme.
  2. Look for the right sources: The internet can be a good source for you in writing a dissertation paper. But everything given on the internet is not always true. So you need to double check all the information given on multiple websites over the internet.  Students can also use the Google Scholar for locating the reliable academic resources. Thus, you need to carry out a good research on multiple websites in order to get correct data and information on the dissertation topic.
    The library is one of the age-old as well as reliable sources for dissertation writing help. You can also seek the help of a librarian in this regard.
  3. Organize the resources: You always need to take the notes in order to remember the resource. Students can also use Penzu, Evernote or any other online tool to take down the notes about the impressions as well as the referred sources.
  4. Proofread and edit your dissertation: There are differences between editing and proofreading. The editing work is more focused on the essence whereas the proofreading part is focused on the pattern of your paper. Fist, you need to deal with the essence part by proper editing and then comes proofreading.
    Here you need to pay attention to the logical interconnection between each argument. You need to focus more on clarity and quality and not the quantity.
  5. Get the feedback: You need to get some feedback before submitting the dissertation paper. You can discuss with your colleague or friend who as knowledge in this field. You can always take the opinion and suggestions of a trustworthy individual for the writing process. Students can also get an expert feedback from a renowned mentor in this regard.

How is Casestudyhelp.com useful in dissertation writing?

The CaseStudyHelp.com is one of the most popular and reputed online Dissertation Help providers in Australia. The expert writers of Case Study Help follow all the guidelines and methods in writing an ideal dissertation project for the university students of Australia as well as the other countries students.

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  • The dissertations are 100% original without any plagiarism.
  • All the assignments provided by us are absolutely error-free.
  • The assignments are completed and submitted before the deadlines.

Students get the top grades in their dissertation writing project by availing our Services. All the dissertation papers are completed perfectly before the fixed deadline.

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How Writing a Management Case Study is Useful?

How Writing a Management Case Study is Useful?

The case study method is a very popular learning style in many management degree courses. It mainly focuses on the decision-making power of the students.  The case study method does not involve many faculty-led lectures, instead, it encourages free interactions and discussions in the classroom. Case studies are related to developing solutions for a case. These cases reflect the issues in various business firms.

The Management Case Study has brought a new revolution in the MBA studies academic field. It is more practical as well as interactive for the business management students around the globe. The case study method of education is really beneficial for them in their professional life in the long run.


The top business schools in the world use the case study methods in their two-year full-time MBA post graduation degree course. The case study topics are given to the students in advance of a seminar. Students need to work on the case study topics and propose the best solutions. Projectors and slide show illustrations are used in these seminars to make the presentations more interesting and attractive.

The case studies are designed to present specific problems that frequently arise in the global business world. The case study assignments are given to develop a student’s ability in utilizing their analytical as well communication skills. These two qualities are very much needed for a management (MBA) student in their professional career. Students having these skills can land up in getting a good managerial job in reputed company in the future.

What are the various formats of case studies?

  • The traditional cases: These include details write-ups o the case study problems
  • Analytical cases: These are usually shorter than a usual case study topic and are based upon the real life decisions. These cases give a summary of the issue with a little background information. Its aim is to help the students in making decisions which are not predetermined.
  • Research briefs: These give updated research on the business problems to help students in creating practical and relevant business solutions.

How Writing a Management Case Study is Useful?

  1. Business leadership skills: One of the main necessities of the case study method is to stimulate a real business environment. It also helps the students to prepare for the real life business situations in the future. The business case studies help them in developing an ability to make quick business decisions that are beneficial for a company. The employers always look for these abilities in their recruitment process.
  2. It is better than the lectures: The case study method is far interesting than the typical classroom lectures in the business schools and colleges. In the typical professor to student lecture process, there is no such interaction. This procedure is a bit narrative rather than interactive. But the case study seminars are very much interactive. Equal interaction and discussion on a particular case study topic take place among all the participants in the seminar. Thus, students get a lot of fun in the case study method.
  3. It encompasses the business outlook: Candidates can gain a global perspective in the case study seminars. This naturally opens more gates for them in their careers.


What are the issues that are to be addressed in MBA case study method?

  • The entire operation is run by the students: A very thorough preparation is very much essential in case study method. This preparation also includes extensive research work on the case study topics to be carried out by the students. Thus, they also need to study a lot for this purpose. They often do not get enough time for such studies along with their exam preparations. The case study seminars also need a lot of communication and speaking skills. Many students lack these qualities and cannot participate in these case study seminars.
  • Fresher students are not welcome: The business case study method also needs a bit exposure in the practical industry. This might be a problem for the MBA students are absolute fresher. They do not have any Pre-MBA work experience. Thus, it becomes quite hard for them to cope up with the experienced students of MBA.


  • Shortage of time: It is one of the biggest issues for the MBA students in case study method. Each student is given around 500 case study topics in their academic session. It is a bit difficult for them to study, research and prepares perfectly for all these topics.
  • Being updated is difficult: One of the biggest challenges of a case study in Management (MBA) education is staying up-to-date. All the case study topics need to be constantly updated otherwise these will become irrelevant of the present business climate. New business models and technologies are introduced every day. Thus, the case studies always need to be updated and evolving.

If all the above-mentioned issues can be addressed and solved properly by the leading business schools and universities, then, the case study method of education can be truly profitable for the MBA students around the world.

How the students helped by case study method?

The mixture of learning methods in case study helps the student in gaining a better understanding in solving the major problem in a business. This case study method dangles the right information and gives the opportunity to the students in making their bait. Students can deal with the business leadership solutions by practicing the case study solving methods.


Today, the case study method of MBA education is practiced in almost all the business schools around the world. One of the biggest effectiveness of this method is the common knowledge of business education. Various business schools have the most qualified lecturers to give the seminars on various case study topics. Many management gurus and real-life entrepreneurs also deliver seminars in the reed business schools. Thus, the studies can be truly benefited from these MBA case study seminars by professors and entrepreneurs.

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Best Resources for Nursing Assignment Writing

Best Resources for Nursing Assignment Writing

Nursing is one of the most commonly studied subjects in Australia. Today, the medical world needs a lot of nurses to assist the doctors. Thus, various reputed institutes in Australia are offering degree courses in nursing. In this situation students definitely need an ideal online Nursing Assignment Help service from a reputed provider.

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This blog is written by Alexis Martin. She is an experienced and skillful writer working with Casestudyhelp.com. She loves to write the blog.

5 Basic Steps Followed In Case Study Writing

5 Basic Steps Followed In Case Study Writing

There’s nothing like an approaching deadline to give you the motivation you need to get Writing Case Study – don’t stress, though, we’re here to help you out! Casestudyhelp.com knows you had every intention of being deadline-ready anytime, but these things happen! At some point during your time at the university of Australia, you’re obligated to find you’ve left case study to the last minute. But don’t worry, because Case Study Writing in a day is totally achievable! Not only this, but you can even produce a case study solutions you can be proud of if you give it everything you got. Between procrastination, nights out, and other given deadlines to juggle, the time can easily creep up on you. However, the worst thing you can do in this situation is difficult and panic, so keeps calm, mop up the cold sweats, and read on to find out how to nail that case study assignment help in unbelievable time!

5 Basic Steps Followed In Case Study Writing

Just to clarify we’re certainly not encouraging anyone to leave it all to the last second, but if you do happen to find yourself in a pickle, you’re going to need some help with case study writing – Casestudyhelp.com is the best place for this.

If you’re anything like me, you always have good intentions at the beginning of the exam for giving yourself ample time to complete your custom case study writing service, but then the weekend before the case study due date sneaks up on you and you haven’t started. This situation has happened to me endless times in fact; I can’t remember ever starting a case study earlier than 2 days before the due date.

I have had many years to ideal my procrastination methodology and I think I’ve got it down to a science. This guide is for the dirty and quick case study solutions online – it probably contradicts everything your lecturers have told you but it works.

Following are the 5 basic steps followed in case study writing:

Step 1: Pick Your Topic:

The best scenario for writing a quick online case study is when your professor allows you to pick your topic statement. Note: This is not the time to develop your case study that comes later. The key is to pick as wide a topic of the case study as possible. If your professor wants a 10-page paper it will be much before to fill 10 pages than having to create a bunch of fluff around.

Also, pick a topic that a lot of previous research and analysis has already been done on it. If you’re writing the case study the day before it’s due, you aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel you’re basically just collating other student’s case study research and putting it in your case study own words which will be 100% plagiarism free.

Step 2: Research:

I’ve found that the fastest way to get going on your case study is to do the research first, then develop your thesis later. If you develop your thesis too early, you may find that there’s not enough to research to support it, it’s too specific, it’s super lame, etc. So where’s the good place to start? Wikipedia. Despite all the Wikipedia trash talk you’ve heard from teachers, Wikipedia is the awesome best place to get an outline going.

Professional Case Study Paper Writing Service

It usually gives a wide overview of the topic and then has an outline with a bunch of various topics that I usually steal for my own body outline. Just make sure that you never plagiarize from Wikipedia. I mean don’t ever plagiarize anything, but that is the first place your teachers will go to check for plagiarism.

Step 3: Develop Your Thesis:

Now that you’ve done the study or research, you should have an idea as to what your case study should be. Professors always hate broad online case study so try to make it seem as specific as you can without limiting the amount of things you can talk about. Since this is a research paper it doesn’t have to be super innovative, controversial, revolutionary etc. It just needs to provide direction on where your case study writing help is going. So if you are writing about a person you can talk about how they were influential, made an impact on issues of that time period, thrived through various something, circumstances like that.

A general rule I learned in high schools, colleges of Australia is that case study should be the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. I’ve always put it there and haven’t had a lecturer correct me so I would go with that.

Step 4: The Body:

Once you have your case study writing established, read through the stuff you have written and try to mold and take out stuff that doesn’t fit. Come up with the number of paragraphs you want, what each paragraph and the sentence is specifically talking about, and put things in their respective paragraphs. Doesn’t start on the introduction and conclusion phrase yet, just dive right into the facts? Try to blend the stuff from different sources so that it all flows together. Various sources can have various writing styles and tones and even though you put everything in your own words, each section can sound different.

This puts up a red flag for a professor to think that you are plagiarizing so keep that in mind. If you want to, Google some more stuff and get more analysis or research. Don’t forget to put in all your specifications or citations. Case study help is there for all these facilities.

Step 5: Introduction and Conclusion:

Now you’re ready for the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. I typically devote my introduction paragraph to putting my case study topic in some sort of context. If the case studies are a person I’ll give a super short bio. If it’s about a concept or thing I’ll briefly explain what it is, how it’s used, why it’s important, etc. I try to go for first 5-6 sentences in the paragraph. The initial sentence starts introducing the topic after then each sentence leads more and more to the final sentence, which is the given online case study writing help.

Order Your Case Study Writing

I find the conclusion paragraph to be the most difficult or cumbersome section to write. I mean you’ve already said everything that wants to be said, so now you’re just filling space until you can stop writing case study online with the help of professional case study writing experts. It’s like when you’re stuck in an uninterested conversation and you’re trying to find an excuse to leave. But it has to be done so here we go. When writing about a person we usually use this space for their tradition. Like how they impacted the children, the ideas of today, the next generation etc. I kind of use that frame or layout with a concept as well, like how did that concept/idea/invention change society or culture.

Finally, recognize that “perfect is the enemy of good.” Manage your expectations. Your motive should be to write a good case study, not a perfect one. If you have a compelling hook and a well-organized flow of ideas, check you’re writing for errors, and then send it in. We at Casestudyhelp.com have very reputed experts for the online case study writing help and in various sections. They are famous names from the field of International Psychology Study record. Most of them are researchers, professors and retired lecturers who are ready to render their research and knowledge for the benefit of students in Australia.

They do not have to move out of their homes, neither do you. Every student is benefited from this home based service for help with the case study solution, dissertation, essays, case study, report writing and much more.


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A Beginner’s Guideline in Case Study Writing

A Beginner’s Guideline in Case Study Writing

According to Wikipedia, one of the most visited websites on Internet, a case study, is a research method that includes a comprehensive examination of a subject of study, also referred to as ‘the case’.  It also includes the study of contextual conditions.

However, it is important to mention over here that the term ‘case study’ has no single definition owing to its widespread application in different subject streams. Case study research is normally done in the fields of social & life sciences. It also holds an important position in various other disciplines such sociology, political science, psychology, social work etc.

For readers’ better understanding, in a case study analysis, a case can be anything. It could be an individual, organization, action or even an event that has happened at a particular time & place. Let’s take the example of the clinical science subject stream to understand the concept. In clinical science, one can find case studies of both individuals as well as of clinical practices.

An Introduction to the term ‘Case Study’:

In one approach, case study analysis is also taken as research strategy analysis. It is a well-derived research where a phenomenon or a physical process picked up from real life scenario is investigated. Another important point to mention over here is that case study research can result in a number of case studies. To add to that, it can even include qualitative evidence, can also depend on various sources of evidence and may even gain from pre-existing or developed theories.

Interestingly, it has been observed that a lot of people end up confusing case studies with qualitative research. Another misconception is that a case study can be based on a mix of qualitative and quantitative evidence. Remember, knowing the line that differentiates helps in correct extraction and assessment of data.

beginner-guideline-in-case-styudy-writingWhy case study assignments are assuming importance?

Case study assignments have now become an integral part of academic curriculum. Not just that, they have found their way in professional streams where the inferences derived from them help in designing better products & service framework for the end-customers.

From a knowledge perspective, case study writing allows an in-depth understanding of the subject within a pre-defined situational framework. This further helps in understanding the responsive culture of the subject & leads to the ways where one can devise appropriate measures to tame or improve the same.

This is another way of saying that exercises like such help in discovering or forecasting subject behavior & create a better response framework/solutions.

How case study helps students?

First of all, it is really important to understand ‘who a student is’ here. A student is anyone with an intention to acquire knowledge for the purpose of satisfying the urge to know more about a particular subject. A case study helps students by introducing them to a practical outlook of a real life scenario that is otherwise not possible.

It also serves as the reference material for them at various points. This function of case study helps students in validating their future theories. This also helps them in preparing for events in advance.

What all points one needs to keep in mind while writing the case study?

  1. A case study research has to be exhaustive: It means it should include a detailed assessment of all the possible permutation & combinations about the subject. The focus on detailing is because it gives an insight into the subject & its every aspect.
  2. A case study needs to be written in a very simple manner: A common misconception is using difficult words makes the content of the case study rich. To a certain extent, it is true too. However, while writing the case study if the author uses simple and lucid language, more people will read and understand it.
  3. While writing a case study report, the author should ensure that there’s no bias or influence corrupting the work: This is significant because readers/students take it as the reference. And if someone refers a corrupted case study to support his/her theories, it can only lead to dissemination of incorrect knowledge.
  4. Last but not the least, in a case study analysis, all the facts, data etc. should be represented accurately & clearly: Any sort of ambiguity clouds the understanding. Clear depiction of results helps in the fair debate which further benefits the society.


What is case study research in psychology?

Just like there are case studies in other subject streams, psychology too allows for it. Here, a particular case study could be focused on a subject which could be human/animal etc., its behavior etc. or the treatment procedures. Please note there are far deeper applications of case study research than mentioned here.

How to write a marketing research case study?

There’s no particular way of writing a marketing research case study. Hence, it is very important to understand the subject & objective you want to achieve through it. Once the subject is chosen & objectives are locked, next thing comes into the picture is the flow or case study framework. It is an outline as per which author formulates all the research and presents it. All these are basic points that are to be kept in mind while writing marketing research case study.

Are case study & case method one & the same thing?

No. This is another widespread confusion. Case study & case method is not the same thing. The case method is used in teaching.

Is there anything important to be understood about case study analysis?

When it comes to case study analysis, everything needs to be studied with absolute focus. Missing out on few points could prove costly. If such thing happens, the student/reader could lose out on significant knowledge.

In addition, knowing about the subject also helps. This negates any chances of reader/student falling prey to corrupt case study material in case if there’s a bias/influence involved. It also helps in fair assessment of the inferences presented.

In the end, it can be concluded with absolute certainty that case study is a great way of studying practical application/response behavior of the subject. However, it needs to be done in a correct way. Otherwise, it could deliver flawed results.

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Best Way to Write Business Case Study Assignment Paper

Best Way to Write Business Case Study Assignment Paper

A Business Case Study in MBA is a very special type of assignment where the students need to confront with real-life business situations. Here they need to show their abilities to solve all kinds of business challenges. The ultimate aim of a business case study assignment in MBA is the profit maximization and loss minimization of an organization.

business case study help

It is one of the biggest assignments for the MBA students mostly in their final year. This assignment involves a lot of survey, study, research and analysis of various factors related to the company. In this blog we will discuss about some valuable tips to write the best business case study assignment paper in MBA.

How to write the best business case study assignment paper?

1. Have a thorough knowledge of the company: You need to have a very good knowledge of the company on which you are writing your business case study. You can get a lot of information from the official website of the company.

2. Know the customers: The students also need to have a very sound knowledge regarding the type of customers the company has.

3. Learn about the demands: Demand and supply are the two very important factors for any organization. You need to know very well the customers’ demands or expectations from the company. The aim of any company is to meet the requirements of their customers.

4. Do a proper SWOT analysis: This is one of the very important steps in your business case study. This business swot analysis involves to internal- strengths, weakness and to external opportunities, threats of any swot analysis of a business.
Before writing the case study you need to have a good idea of these four factors.The internal strengths of the company includes good will, patent, copy right, product, loyalty, etc. The internal weaknesses might include lack of quality, irregular services, lack of skilled laborers, undeveloped infrastructure, etc. The external opportunities include global R and D development in the business field, economic prosperity, more chances of profit, sales boost, business expansion, etc. The external threats are tremendous market competition, lack of customers, less sales, economic slowdown, etc.

Thus, you need to have a thorough study and analysis of all these four factors while writing the MBA case studies paper.


5. Plan good market segmentation: You always need to plan for very good market segmentation in your case study paper. This market segmentation is done on the basis of the type of customers the company is having. Different factors include age, financial condition, culture, qualification, etc. of the customers in a particular territory or region. You need to pan for the products and set the price according to the purchasing power of the customers in that region.

For example, in a place where the numbers of middle class customers are more, the company needs to offer products with medium price range. The offered services and product types also needed to be planned as per the culture and taste of the customers of any particular territory. This whole thing is known as market segmentation.

6. Carry out a proper survey: A proper survey in the market can give you a clear idea about the needs and demands of the customers on both local and global markets. Today, with the wide use of the internet, online market survey is one of the fastest, easiest as well cost-effective methods. You can ask questions to the customers regarding the offered product service in a particular area. They will give their feedback about how much satisfied they are regarding the products.
In this survey, you will get both positive as well negative feedback from them. As per these customer feedback, you can improve the quality of the offered products. Thus, a proper market survey is always very important for you.

7. Do a good market forecasting: You need to apply proper business models for accurate market forecasting of the company. You can forecast the future profits of the company with the help of good statistical models. These methods will help your company in assuring the long term profits.

8. Take industrial training: In writing your business case study in MBA, you need to undergo training in any company to get a clear ideal of the current industry. In that company you need to do a project on business case study writing based on practical projects in the industry. This project and training will also help you in your professional managerial career in the future.

Why you need help?

The business case study assignment writing is not a very easy task for the students. It requires a lot of survey, research, analysis and implementations. Thus, the students might not get enough time and energy to complete the paper ideally along with their huge MBA study course. Under this tough situation they need MBA business case study assignment writing help from any trustworthy and reputed online academic assignment writing company. The Case Study Help online organization is the best choice for them in this regard.

We have a lot of experience in providing our students with the top standard MBA business case study assignment writing service. We have a very strong goodwill in the market. Thus, you can always trust on casestudyhelp.com services regarding this.

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  • The case study papers are always completed within the time frames. Thus you can always submit them before the deadlines.
  • We are recognized by many reputed business schools and colleges of Australia.
  • Company charges very reasonably from all the students.

We have already helped a large number of students of various nations like Australia, UK and USA. They are all very happy with our services. Thus, register with us online on our casestudyhelp.com official website to get the desired MBA business case study writing service.

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Get Expert Tips to Write Case Study Report on Social Work

Get Expert Tips to Write Case Study Report on Social Work

Today, social work is a major part of the human society, thus, many colleges and universities in Australia offer graduation and post graduation degree courses in social work. These institutes give the students a lot of Case Study Assignments to be completed at home. Case study can be defined as a process or research record for the development of a particular group, person or situation within a certain period of time.

When we give a social work approach to a case study paper, it is concerned with the welfare of other people and with the changes promoting social justice. Here you need to take a solution-focused and client-oriented approach. The social workers try to improve the families and individuals.

case study help in social work

In a case study on social work, you need to portray the practical field in which the social workers carry out their duties. In this blog we will discuss about a few tips to write a good social work case study assignment.

What are the different approaches of social work?

  • They work at motile practice levels like mini, micro, macro, etc.
  • The social workers play many roles depending on their client or client systems.
  • They need to view the client in context and make notes of the connected issues.
  • Here they need to apply the theoretical works which explain various aspects in the society like human development theory, social systems theory, social development theory and organizational theory.
  • The social workers use the perspectives frameworks that offer the lenses through which the client is viewed. Some of the examples include ecological perspective, strengths perspective, diversity perspective, etc.
  • They employ all the practice models and theses to guide the practice ex: cognitive behavioral model, empowerment model and crisis intervention.

By considering all the above-mentioned social functioning issues, the social workers make the informed decisions on how to intervene into the key aspect of the client situations. You need to elaborate all these approaches in your social work case study assignment.

How to write a good social work case study?

If you are a social work student, you need to produce the academic case study papers that will help you in learning critical considerations, communications and applying the key social concepts.
You also need to produce professional writing that reflects the writing types in social work profession. These steps can be elaborated as follows:

1. Writing a critical review of any article, book, or literature: When you are reviewing a book or article, your work is not only to summaries but also to analyze as well evaluate to identify all the key patterns, limitations, strengths and implications of the text.

2. Summarize the article: You need to identify the thesis, methods used and the evidences presented in the text.

3. Do a proper analysis and evaluation: After summarizing, you need to analyze the relationship of the text to the key concepts as well other text in that field. You also need to know its implications and applicability to other scenarios. Students also need to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the article.

4. Give good critical reflection and description: In the case study papers on social work, you are asked to describe as well reflect up on any particular individual, agency, group, in-class interview, etc. In these assignments, you need to describe accurately on your subject. Here you also need to go being reporting by properly analyzing the things that you have described.

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What are the major parts of social work case study assignment paper?

  • Application of any theory: Some of the social work case study assignments ask the students to apply any orienting theory for any particular case. These theories help in explaining why social problems like addiction and child abuse takes place. Here you need to apply the theory successfully to solve the issue up to the greatest extent.
  • A research paper on social work: The research paper on social work needs that you can identify a problem and do researches work that can help you in solving that particular problem. You need to do a lot of preparation and study to write a social work research paper.
  •  Analysis of social policy: The analysis papers on social policy critically evaluate the effectiveness of the social policy. You need to understand the outcomes of any of these policies and make necessary recommendations for the true welfare of the society. These papers include sections like issue, background, analysis, recommendation and conclusion.

Why the students need help in writing their social work assignment?

Social work is perhaps the most sensitive subject in the world. Thus, writing a case study assignment paper on social work is not an easy task. Thus, the students definite need the best help from any online social work case study assignment service provider company.

The casestudyhelp.com is the best choice for them. They are the most popular and trustworthy online assignment writing service provider organization in the whole world.


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  • We have strong goodwill in the local as well global market for our best quality services.

We have already helped a large number of social work students from various nations like Australia, UK, USA, etc. They are getting the highest grades in their social work case study assignment papers. Thus, we are always the best choice for you. Register with us online on our Casestudyhelp.com official website.

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Struggling with Research Paper Writing? Get 8 Basic Step and Help!

Struggling with Research Paper Writing? Get 8 Basic Step and Help!

A Research Paper is a very special form of academic writing in any stream. It has much theoretical information that has been collected after proper research work and study. Sometimes, it also contains arguments that are based on any thesis with significant evidences from a wide variety of reliable sources.

research paper writing-Casestudyhelp.com

How can you write the best research paper?

First of all raise your needed items. What are they? Isn’t it? Basic needs of research papers are a note paper, 2-3 different colored highlighters in order to highlight the notes and index cards. To organize your best research paper writing, follow the below mentioned points:-

  • Select the topic very carefully.
  • Choose only the helpful and reliable sources.
  • You need to use the index cards in order to jot down the important notes that are needed throughout the writing process.
  • The notes need to be very much organized based on your topic.
  • Have an well-thought outline.
  • You need to make a draft at first as a skeleton of your research paper.
  • Go through this first draft, do a thorough reading and then rewrite.
  • Do the necessary editions.

How to write an ideal research paper?

There is a general idea that writing a good research papers is a tedious as well meticulous task. But if you undergo enough research, study, analysis and practice, then it is definitely an easy task for you. If you really follow a few tips it will be less challenging and struggling for you. Let’s have some look on these simple 8 basic steps to write an ideal research paper.

1. Carry out a thorough research: This is the most important step while writing a research paper on any subject. You need to carry out a very thorough and prolonged research work before writing the paper. Students can take relevant data and information based on the subject topic from valuable resources like internet, newspapers, books, scholarly articles, journals, etc. You always need to take the best and the mot important points from all these sources.

2. Choose a good topic: If your institute gives you the freedom to choose your own topic, then you can select the one that interests you the most. You also need to be very careful while choosing your topic. Try to choose an uncommon yet interesting topic since most students tend to write on general topics.

3. Write down the notes properly: Take down all the important notes related to the topic on a paper for the ease of writing your research paper. Try to color code your notes and use highlighters for marking the important details. If writing down the detailed notes is more time-consuming for you, then, you can photocopy the notes from various sources like books, journals, articles, etc. This will definitely save your time.

4. Brainstorm the outline: After conducting an in-depth research, you can write an outline. Include all the vital information and notes you have gathered and start brainstorming them as per your topic. You need to write a well-shaped beginning, body and conclusion part in this part of your research paper. Your paper will really get a good shape and structure with proper brainstorming if the gathered information from various sources.

8_steps_ research_paper-casestudyhelp.com5. Write a prospectus and outline for your own sake: What is the topic? What is the significance of the topic? Why you should choose the topic? What is the background of this topic? Answers of these few questions are needed to be outlined while writing your research paper on any subject or topic.

6. Write a very good introduction: It is a very important part of your research paper. Thus, you need to be very careful while writing the introduction. It should include a contextual material and relevant background. Here you also need to define the concepts or terms wherever necessary. In the introductory part you need to explain the focus and purpose of your paper.

7. Write a proper body: Body is the main part of your research paper. Here you need to use the prospectus and outline as the flexible guides. In the body part you need to build the body of your research paper around the points you need to make. In this part of your research paper you need to summarize, analyze evaluate and explain the published work.

8. Give a good conclusion: A good concluding part is very much necessary to make you research paper more impressive and to get A+ grade on your research paper. Here you need to summarize your argument. This concluding part is the end of your paper. In third part you need to add points and explain their significance. Here you need to move from detailed to a general consideration level that return your top to the content provided by the introductory part.

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Why you need help in writing a research paper?

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What Are The Useful Tips To Improve Your Performance In Examinations

What Are The Useful Tips To Improve Your Performance In Examinations

Students at various levels of education like graduation, post graduation or even doctoral levels are very much eager to improve their test score results. But many of them do not follow the tips, tricks and strategies to get more marks easily. The experts of CaseStudyHelp.com provide the students with useful tips in scoring better in their examinations.

Improve Your Performance In Examination

Some of the useful tips to improve performance in examinations are discussed in this blog and 15 essential tips on how to manage exam stress?

Useful Tips To Improve Your Performance In Examinations

  1. Always make a good plan: Best laid plans can always be fruitful; for you while preparing for your exams. You need to make a study preparation plan at least 1 month before the examination. You need to arrange all the subjects and papers in your exams in the right way, making a fixed schedule.
  2. Do not opt for last minute preparation: This is one of the biggest mistakes committed by majority of the students in various exam levels. If you start to prepare 1 night before the exam, this might lead to harmful results. Thus, you need to prepare equally throughout the year not only before your exams.
  3. Never make any suggestions: It is also a very common mistake committed by many students. They learn only a few important topic and questions even for their major university examination. These suggestions can put them in hot water. Thud, you always need to be very careful about this. You need to be very much thorough about your entire syllabus.
  4. Allocate definite time frames: You need to prepare multiple subjects and topics in your exam. Students always need to allocate separate time frames for different subject. Thus, they need to study in a very well-planned manner before their exams. Be very careful in not spending more than specified time on any particular subject or topic.
  5. Use stop watches: You always need to complete your whole exam paper within a fixed time. Thus, it is advisable for you to prepare by using stop watches before the final exams. This will help you to complete the whole paper within time.
  6. Take mock tests: It is one of the most effective methods to score well in the exams. You can also have a self assessment of how much you can score in your exams from the scores obtained by you in these mock tests. These tests can be taken online or even by your faculties in your colleges or universities.
  7. Do a thorough revision: A proper revision is also required before submitting your exam paper. Thus, you always need to allocate a little rime for your final revision before the submissions. In this way, you can proofread and edit the mistakes likewise. Thus, your scores can be improved by reducing the mistakes.
  8. Consult reference books: It is important for you to consult all the reference books and points from online as well off line sources. By adding these points you can improve your test scores to a very large extent.
  9. Try to clear all your areas of difficulty: It is one of the make things to be done by all the students having a wide variety of subject specializations. You need to clear all your doubts and other areas of difficulties in your subject of specialization as well as the additional subjects. Consult your faculties as well your fellow students for this purpose.
  10. Make a very effective introduction and conclusion: Students always need to give a very much impressive introduction and conclusion in each and every paper. This gives a good impression on the examiner. The introduction and conclusion paragraph must be in rhythm with the main subject of your paper.
  11. Study all the sections equally: You always need to study all the sections of your exam paper with equal emphasis. Do miss or skip any section or part of your examination paper. This might cut off your total marks in the university exam.
  12. Give more examples: Adding more and more practical examples along with illustrations ids one of the most useful tools to improve your exam scores. These always create a very good impression on your examiner. The examples must be factual and to the point.
  13. Have a very clear subjective concept: You need to be very much clearing cut and thorough with your basic subject matter for the exams. If you have a clear basic concept, you can score highly even in very tough papers.
  14. Always study in a calm and quiet environment: You always need to study in a very calm and quiet environment to concentrate more on your studies. Be away from your mobile phone, television, etc. during your exam preparation hours. Thus, you always need to do your exam preparations in a totally disturbance free environment. In this way you can pick up and remember more things. Thus, your exam scores are also improved naturally.

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