How to Write a Perfect Comparative Essay – Structure, Topics & Examples?

A comparative essay is a very commonly given assignment to college as well as university students in different countries like India, USA, Australia, the UK, UAE, Canada, New Zealand and Others. It is a very special type of essay where you need to pick up any two topics or subjects with enough similarities and dissimilarities.

Writing a comparative essay is always not an easy task. You need to select the topic and make the comparisons using a lot of analytic thinking and logical thinking of your own. You need to write them in coherent, inter-linked organised paragraphs to make them more attractive.

How to Write a Perfect Comparative Essay?

Here it would help if you gave equal weightage to all the texts, paragraphs and phrases. Give more emphasis to the compare and contrast part of your essay. Give proper examples with each compare and contrast part. Thus, it would help if you always did a lot of research and analysis to write these types of essays on various topics. In this regard, you are always advised to avail the best online comparative essay writing service from a reputed provider.

How Do You Structure a Good Comparative Essay?

  • First, you need to find the real purpose of writing your comparative essay. Then, you need to follow it likewise.
  • You always need to set a criterion first as the basis of your comparison between 2 topics or subjects
  • Then, you need to apply your own application standards to the comparison you are making
  • Here you always need to apply your own comparison standards very concisely and fairly
  • You always need to prepare an outline and plan a good organization before writing the report
  • It is always a very basic requirement to make a first draft of the essay before writing it

You must follow the comparative essay structure above for the best writing.

What Are the Commonest Comparative Essay Topics?

  • Is it right to use chemical drugs
  • Will you use alternative medicines
  • Homoeopathic vs. allopathic medicines
  • Differences between Psychologist and psychiatrists
  • Difference between biochemical and natural medicines
  • Mobile or stationary healthcare
  • Will you opt for plastic surgery
  • Hospital care vs. home care

Those mentioned above are a few comparative essay examples you can write in a good manner. It would be best if you answered all the above-mentioned comparative essay questions in a particular manner as desired by your college or university assessors.

How to Write a Comparative Essay Introduction?

The introductory part is a very important aspect of any type of essay. It is needed to be precise and very interesting to arouse the interest of the readers or assessors. In your comparative essay introduction, you need to start with a very general point that can establish the similarity between the two topics.

Then, it would help if you focused on the main essay subject. At the terminal part of your introduction, you need to like a thesis statement which will tell your readers about the characteristics of each of the two topics you are comparing in your essay. Finally, you write the conclusion you have drawn from them.

What Are the Best Comparative Essay Tips?

  • Develop a very clear idea of the chosen topic: Before writing down your essay, you always need to have a crystal-clear idea of both the topics you are comparing. Only then you can compare and contrast them in the best possible way.
  • Form the basis of your comparisons: Jot down all the points of similarities and differences between the two topics for making the comparison basis.
  • Give a good compare and contrast illustration: You always need to write the compare and contrast part in a very good illustrative way in your comparative essay paper. This will surely attract the attention of your assessors.
  • Write an interesting and precise introduction: As mentioned before, writing a good introductory part is always a plus point in getting better grades.
  • Develop a good essay body with interrelated paragraphs: The body part is the largest part of your essay paper. Thus, it needs to be very much engaging to your readers.
  • Write an impressive conclusion: If you write a really impressive concluding part of one paragraph, the assessor will be impressed and give you a good grade.
  • State the real purpose of your comparative essay at the end: It is a rule in writing a comparative essay that your ideas need to benefit society in a certain way. Thus, in the end, you always need to explain shortly how your essay idea can really benefit society.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you can always get the best grades in your comparative essay writing assignment paper.

How to Get the Best Comparative Essay Ideas?

In most cases, your university will provide you with all the needed comparative essay ideas. Still, some institutions can give you the freedom to choose a comparative essay topic of your own.

In this case, you need to select a topic having considerable similarities with little dissimilarity. Finding the best sources for good comparative essay writing ideas is also important.

Examples of such good sources are published scholarly articles, books, updated official websites, blogs, magazines, journals, etc. Thus, rely on only trustworthy resources for getting the ideas.


How to Write an Impressive Comparative Essay Conclusion?

The conclusion or the concluding paragraph of all types of essays needs to be a good but short summary of all the points mentioned in your essay body. Writing the conclusion of a comparative essay is no exception. But there are a few other things you need to do here.

Here it would help if you focused more on how you compared the points you compared in your essay body and what your readers will get from your piece of work. Your comparative essay conclusion must give your readers a very good everlasting impression, so you need to write it that way. This can be listed as below:

  • Focus on the main points: Always highlight the main points mentioned in your essay body.
  • Recap but do not repeat: You need to recap all the essential points of comparison in your concluding essay part, but you need to be careful that your recapitulation should not seem like repeating your previous ideas.
  • Express why your subject matters: In the concluding part, you always need to express the actual aim of your comparative essay and why it matters to your readers. This will definitely create a good lasting impression on their minds.

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