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Category : Accounting assignment

MBS539 Accounting for Managers Purpose: Financial Analysis of CSL LTD

Major Assignment Answers – MBS 539 Accounting for Managers Looking for MBS539 Accounting for Managers Major Assignment Answers? Get Expert Help on MBS539 Accounting for Managers Major Assignment & Financial Statement Analysis Report at affordable price. Case Study Help offers Accounting Case Study Assignment and Major Case Study Assignment Help to Students in Australia, UK and USA.   Financial Analysis on CSL, Australian Public Listed Company The major assignment creates a contextual link between theory and practice by requ... More

ACCT610 Advanced Accounting Assignment Questions and Answers

ACCT610 - Advanced Accounting Assignment  and Homework Solutions Looking for ACCT610 Advanced Accounting Assignment Questions and Answers? Get Case Study Answers to your study questions, and connect with real tutors for ACCT610 Advanced Accounting Assignment in US. offer Accounting Case Study Assignment, Financial Accounting Assignment Homework and Managerial Accounting Assignment Service at viable prices in USA.     Assignment Details: Referencing Styles: APA Words: 1000 Course Code: ACCT610 ... More

Internal Controls and Systems Documentation -Accounting information systems

Assessment item 3 Internal Controls and Systems Documentation -Accounting information systems Value: 20% Due Date: 16-May-2019 Return Date: 05-Jun-2019 Length: Part B: maximum of 1,200 words Submission method options: Alternative submission method Task Part A - 8 Marks   Oriental Traders purchases products from Asia and then resells them to local retailers in Sydney and Melbourne. Demand for the imported products has increased significantly over the last 3 years resulting in Oriental Traders expanding their do... More

Accounting Assignment – ACC-5911R – MBARSB Paper Baklava Done Better LLC (BDB) incorporated in Dubai

Accounting - Resubmission Paper The accounting paper consists of two parts:   Baklava Done Better (Rawashdeh & Escamilla, 2018) Baklava Done Better LLC (BDB) incorporated in Dubai in 2013 by five members of the Kachab family whom all became shareholders. The focus of the business was importing raw ingredients to sell to GCC producers/retailers of Middle Eastern sweets including baklava, maamoul, deblah, and makroud among others. After five years of continuous success, BDB faced a major disruption in the supply of its key ingredient: a... More

PGBM12 Accounting And Financial Management Assessment

Accounting And Financial Management Assessment Assessment Assessment weight:                           100% of the module   This Assessment is in three parts, please answer all elements. Part A Bitmap plc is the well-established manufacturer of furniture in London. The board of directors has looked into the financial statements of the last two years and has noticed significant changes in different elements of Income statements and balance sheets. You are working in the same company as Management Accountant and directors have... More

Mia Violetta, after graduating from university took a one week vacation on Hawaii

CASE STUDY ACN 202 Mia Violetta, after graduating from university took a one week vacation on Hawaii. Starting from the spiritual beauty of the hula, over the emerald valleys, and golden sands to the visceral power of an active volcano, Hawaii can be called the most magnificent place on Earth. During her time on Hawaii, she started thinking about opening up her own business here. She noticed that people on the beach are always dirking something, as the weather is tropically warm throughout the year. While return home from her vacation she s... More

Accounting BSBLDR402-Developing Trust and Confidence as a Leader

You have recently taken over a small team.  This is your first role as a team leader and you have been warned by the previous manager that one of your team, Suzie, can be difficult.  She a woman in her mid-fifties, has been working in the same role for a number of years, and has applied for the leadership role twice but has been passed over both times.  The outgoing manager tells you that he suspects that she will not take well to having you as her new supervisor, particularly given your relative youth. You spend the first two weeks settling i... More

Financial Statement Analysis -Fundamental Analysis and the Information Required

Each section will require approximately 500 words (approximately 2,000 words in total) - Obviously more words for questions that require explanations than calculations. Please also consider the marks for each question, which are identified at the end of the question. Questions are as follows; Question 1 - 25 marks a) As at 1 July 2015, a T-bond had the listed spot price being $95.40, and the listed futures price being $95.60. An investor sold $100,000 T-bonds at par value, and bought a T-bond futures contract. On 1 August 2015, the T-bon... More

Section 5- To be completed by the ‘Audit Partner’ of the Audit Team

Section 5- To be completed by the 'Audit Partner' of the Audit Team Subsidiary 5 -General Machinery Company Limited (Case for Audit Partner) General Machinery Company Limited, a subsidiary company of Las Vegas Group Corporation (USA) Limited, is primarily a distributor of a range of machinery and equipment and also engages in other business activities. It has assets of approximately $4m, including current assets of nearly $2m. The draft Statement of Financial Performance of the company has just been completed by the company accountant and pre... More

Section 4- To be completed by the ‘Audit Manager’ of the Audit Team

Section 4- To be completed by the 'Audit Manager' of the Audit Team Subsidiary 4- Enron Electric Limited (EEL) (Case for Audit Manager) Your audit partner has placed you in charge of the audit of Enron Electric Limited (EEL), a subsidiary company of Las Vegas Group Corporation (USA) Limited. Enron Electric Ltd., is a manufacturer and distributor of household electrical products. The EEL Company contains a number of subsidiaries with diverse operations. A new graduate has also been assigned to assist you on the job. During discussions with ... More

Section 3- To be completed by the ‘Audit Supervisor’ ofthe Audit Team

Section 3- To be completed by the 'Audit Supervisor' ofthe Audit Team Subsidiary 3- Computek Electronics Limited (Case for Audit Supervisor) You are the audit supervisor assigned to the audit of Computek Electronics Limited, a subsidiary company of Las Vegas Group Corporation (USA) Limited. Computek Electronics Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of a US parent. The following information has been provided to you:   The principal activities of Computek Electronics Ltd are the importation and distribution of modems and personal co... More

Section 2- To be completed by the ‘Audit Senior’ of the Audit Team

Section 2- To be completed by the 'Audit Senior' of the Audit Team  Subsidiary 2 - Fashion Designers Limited (Case for Audit Senior) You are the audit senior of Fashion Designers Limited, a subsidiary company of Las Vegas Group Corporation (USA) Limited. Fashion Designers Ltd is a large multi-national manufacturer and distributor of fashion accessories. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and its major shareholder (51%) is the US Company which controls the use of the accessory brand names throughout the world. Fashion Design... More

Section 1- To be completed by the ‘Andit Assistant’ ofthe Audit Team

Section 1- To be completed by the 'Andit Assistant' ofthe Audit Team Subsidiary 1- Carpets Interuatioual (USA) Limited (Case for Audit Assistant) You are a Graduate Audit Assistant involved in the audit of Carpets International (USA) Limited, a subsidiary company of Las Vegas Group Corporation (USA) Limited. The client has presented you with the following_draft Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Financial Performance as follows: Unaudited Audited 11 months 12 months 30/ll/X2 31/12/X1 $'000 $'000 ... More

Andit Cases – A Practical Approach to Auditing – Accounting Audit Assignment

1.0   Introduction Audit Firm: Assume that you are part of the highly qualified audit team employed by the Disney Land Audit Company Limited, an auditing Finn, which is internationally recognized and one of the largest professional accounting Finn globally. Your audit team comprises of 5 members who are as follows: Audit team: Memberl     -     Audit Assistant/Junior Member2    -     Audit Senior Member3    -   Audit Supervisor Member4   -     Audit Manager MemberS    -   Audit Partner Disney Land Audit & Co, has been c... More

Advances in Accounting Assignment Help

Introduction This is an individual report – 1,500 words in total, 25% of total assessment: The first assessment in Term 1 comprises one marked, group-based individual essay/report of around 1,500 words (+/- 10% margin) to be submitted on 17th  Feb 2017.  The quality/logic of the contents/arguments is of critical importance. The essay will be based on a published research paper. You are required to critically review t h e provided article and comment on its aspects. In particular, we will be looking for the following points: Iden... More

Accounting Assignment Help

  Answer all the questions, each question15 carries Question 1: ABC Trading supplies wholesale industrial chemicals. Last year the company had taxable income of $450,000. Compute Marvels Tax liability. Corporate Income Tax Rates Since 1993 Taxable Income Corporate Tax Rate $1 - $50,000 15% $50,001 - $75,000 25% $75,001 - $10 million 34% over $10 million 35% and $100,000 - $335,000 5% surtax $15m - $18.333 m 3% surtax   The term "business organization"... More

Accounting Analysis Report Help

Question 1  - Saasu Task #1 You are working as an accountant in a regional accounting firm and have been approached by the owner of a start-up retail business. They have chosen Saasu as their accounting system and have asked you to set up their business in Saasu and enter the first month’s transactions for December 2016. You will use Saasu to enter a range of transactions and print some reports to assist with the business start-up. All information has been supplied by the business owner for you to input. The set up and transactional data will ... More

Accounting Management Help

Question 1 The following are a number of different situations  where there may be violations of the ethical principles .You are asked to state whether there has been a violation of the Accountants Code of Ethics and state which ethical principle has been violated briefly providing a reason for your opinion: (a) Peter Harmon , professional accountant, does the bookkeeping, prepares the tax returns and provides various management services for Bunker  L td .When providing these services it frequently advises its clients to buy its  computer equi... More

ACCM 4200 Financial Accounting & Reporting 1 Assignment Help

ATTACHMENT McCarthy’s Cafes Ltd Issues raised by the Board of Directors In April 2016 the company purchased a segment of another business from Karen’s Coffees Ltd and paid $ 950 000 for it. Karen’s Coffees is a coffee bean roasting business and the book value of the net assets acquired amounted to $ 620 000. We are unsure as to how we should record this transaction in our books of account. Margaret who used to write up the books for us mentioned that the difference was “goodwill” and that we should show it in our books as an asset, namely g... More

Managerial Accounting Help

Create a spreadsheet to solve the following joint cost problem. Joint cost allocation: additional processing beyond split-off Point ABC Company produces three joint products: A, B and C. The material is added at the beginning of the process. At the end of Process 1, the split-off point, the three intermediate products enter three separate further processes. Product A enters Process 2, Product B enters Process 3 and Product C enters Process 4. None of the products can be sold unless the subsequent processing is carried out. The following informa... More