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Category : Australia

Identified a case study, consider the ethical and legal issues raised by the situation. Are there social elements of culture and gender that create power imbalances in the situation?

The purpose of this assessment is to research a real world ethical breach in a chosen specialization and analyze the ethical, professional and legal elements of this breach. Students will analyze the social context of the ethical issue and recommend an appropriate intervention based on professional code of ethics and relevant policy and legislation. Process: Go to the website for the Health Complaints entity in your state or territory, and locate reports on investigations of health professionals who conduct counseling or therapy. You could al... More

Conduct an in-depth review of a specialist subject, to reflect upon your own experience as a digital marketing

 2500 words assignment Conduct an in-depth review of a specialist subject, to reflect upon your own experience as a digital marketing user in relation to this subject and draw conclusions pertinent for marketing strategy The format of the assignment should be the DM’s purpose in the Consumer Decision Making Process (Blackwell et al, 2001) Assignment should be in the following structure: Problem recognition – what triggered you to go online, what was the reason behind it Search for information – where can you get the information online... More

Analysis report of a corporate company

Objective The objective of this task is to demonstrate the effect of releasing accounting information concerning profits on the valuation (i.e. share price) of an Australian-listed company. The project has three educational objectives. First, it demonstrates to students that, in some cases, accounting related information has an impact on investor behaviour via the share prices (or returns, which are changes in share price). Second, it shows how we have to control for the effects of other factors when trying to assess causal relationships. In ... More

Introduction to Business Law (BUS101)

The questions in this assignment The questions you are required to answer are designed to enable you to express your own understanding of what the three courts separately determined. However, as I have said on a number of occasions, this is not a cut and paste exercise. It is not possible to answer the questions simply by locating the relevant paragraphs in the judgment and copying them into your answer. (One class assignment in a previous trimester resorted to this technique and was awarded 2/25; as a result all the members of the group faile... More

write a research paper on any domestic or international macroeconomic issue

TOPIC For your term assignment you are required to write a research paper on any domestic or international macroeconomic issue. You are encouraged to find a topic that genuinely interests you. If you have difficulty finding a topic, you may pick one from the suggested topic list. GENERAL OUTLINE Your completed paper should have the following items and sections: Title Author (you) Introduction/Significance of the Problem (around 0.5-1 page) This section should explain the significance of the issue you are study... More

A-Plan (Direct Strategy) management Assignment

  A-Plan (Direct Strategy) Assignment Today you received a sales letter from Anna Cheney, a professional trainer in diversity management, inviting you to purchase her services. It so happens that, as a human resources manager at Custom Publishing (CP), you know of some diversity-related friction in the company caused by several recent hires and promotions. For many years, CP, like most publishing firms, employed only white men for the technical, sales, and managerial positions and hired women as support staff only. But the growing compan... More

CUC107: Cultural Intelligence and Capability

SAFE SPACE REPORT Introduction (approx. 150 words) This includes: 1.1 Background(An orientation to the topic of cultural safety and safe spaces) 1.2 Scope (Explain what the report will focus on including what video, what particular scenes if the example depicts a safe or unsafe space). 1.3 Aim (Tell the reader what the report aims to do – i.e provide a summary and description and analysis of an example of a safe or unsafe space and recommend improvements to improve the safety of the space where appropriate). Summary of video c... More

ITC596 – IT Risk Management Case Study

Task The final assessment for ITC 596 is to deliver an IT Risk Assessment Case Study in support of a significant technology decision that is to be taken by a fictional company called Aztek that operates in the Australian Financial Services sector. Senior executives in both business and technology divisions within Aztec have collected a portfolio of projects from their respective strategists that could be potentially funded for deployment. The portfolio includes projects such as Allowing employees to bring their own devices (laptops, tab... More

International Trade IBUS71-603

International Trade IBUS71-603 I will collect the assignments from you at the start of the class marking your names off a list as I collect them. Consider a Ricardian model. There are two countries called Dalriada and Pictland and two goods called apples and bananas. In Dalriada the unit labour requirement for an apple is 6 hours and for a banana is 12 hours. In Pictland the unit labour requirement for an apple is 4 hours and for a banana is 1 hour. Dalriada has an endowment of 3600 hours of labour. Pictland has an endowment of 400 hours of ... More

MIS771 – Descriptive Analytics and Data Visualisation

 Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation. The Data Visualisation assignment consists of the following steps: a) Select and review a Dataset to be used as the basis for your assignment. b) Identify key data elements in the selected Dataset that could be used to further explore using data visualisation methods. c) Define a business/user persona that will be the audience of your data visualisation, and develop a Story to help focus and guide your data visualisation development process. d) Present a professional report outlining the key aspect... More

Conduct an interview with your trainer about the need for change related to assessment and resource validation for the Advanced Diploma of Management

BSBINN601B Manage Organisational Change BSB61107 Advanced Diploma of Management BSB07 Business Services Your tasks involve Task 1 Conduct an interview with your trainer about the need for change related to assessment and resource validation for the Advanced Diploma of Management. Consider what things may need to change, why they may need to change and what may cause/effect these changes. You must develop a list of interview questions and submit this with the assessment. Note for assessors: Assessor should use the observation and demonstr... More

Does this align with or rest contrary to the view expressed by von Glasersfeld (1989)?

One view of reality, solipsism, asserts that the mind and mind alone creates the world and one's reality. Does this align with or rest contrary to the view expressed by von Glasersfeld (1989)? Explain. After reading the von Glasersfeld article, how will you create the reality of your doctoral journey as it relates to you own self-identity?   To Get Answer Looking for Solution or some other occured.Chat with our 24x 7 Online Agents CLICK CHAT NOW More

As part of your induction to this new role your manager wants you to have a firm understanding of how structure and culture impacts on people in organisations.

HR management ( People Management) Scenario You have recently been appointed as an intern for the prestigious monthly magazine ‘Global Business News’. You work in the Human Resources Research Section that provides articles on all aspects of HR including what motivates individuals and teams and the links to management strategies in organisations. Activity 1 As part of your induction to this new role your manager wants you to have a firm understanding of how structure and culture impacts on people in organisations.  She also wishes you to un... More

MGT3600 Innovation Management ‐ Individual Essay

MGT3600 Innovation Management ‐ Coursework 1 (20%) Individual Essay Requirements Question 1 (word limit 1000 words) In the case study Blu‐ray versus HD‐DVD: A standards battle in high‐definition video (Schilling, 2013, pp 65‐66), what factors do you think influenced whether (1) consumers, (2) retailers, and (3) movie‐producers supported Blu‐ray versus HD‐DVD? Discuss and justify your answer using the theory behind the selection of dominant designs. Sample Possible Resources: Katz, M. L., & Shapiro, C. (1986). Technology adoption in ... More

Planning a new business venture

Planning a new business venture You have been offered the chance to set up your own business!   An anonymous backer has seen your potential and has offered you financial backing.  Your backer does not mind how the money is used as long as the following conditions are met: you must present a coherent business case for your enterprise. He does not mind whether you develop your own enterprise or use the backing to develop a venture within an existing company you must demonstrate a good understanding of business organisations and the mar... More

Twilight Marketing Plan

Twilight Marketing Plan Twilight, a startup company, has contemplated an opportunity with the Baby boomer generation entering the retirement stage of their lives.  As this generation has paved the way for many new businesses over the years, Twilight believes there is yet another opportunity to serve this generation.  The service would be a consulting service providing information for active seniors, 55-plus, partial assistance, and full care.  This service would involve not only housing but also a host of information related to enjoying this p... More

Essay: Work Health Safety Act

Length: 1500 – 1750 words Task: Each State and Territory has a principal health and safety Act which sets out requirements for ensuring that workplaces are safe and healthy. These requirements spell out the general responsibilities of different groups of people who play a role in the workplace. Research the Work Health Safety Act in your state or territory and discuss the follow:  The key Objects of the Act  The duties of employers and employees under the Act  The purpose of consultation, representation and participation and how this i... More

Identify a business you think is interesting and briefly discuss how each of the above challenges might impact that business in the future

Length  3750words  (Essay)   Task Over recent years, a number of key challenges have become very significant to Operations Managers. Six of these concepts are:   Changing Technologies   Continued Globalization of markets including 1st and 2ndworld entrants.   Changing customer expectations   Changing job designs   Quality management   Global manufacturing   Your task is to: Identify a business you think is interesting and briefly discuss how each of the ... More

8000-307 Assignment Task for Briefings and Making Presentations

TASK The purpose of this unit is to develop your skills in giving presentations and briefings. The task requires you to plan and deliver a briefing or presentation on a management topic of your choice, evaluate the effectiveness of your presentation and to use the feedback gathered to identify areas for improvement. It is recommended that you follow the stages in the process as set out below. NOTE:As part of the assignment you must prepare copies of support materials including your plan, a summary of your presentation and copies of all prese... More

Create a briefing document for SMT, which provides a general overview of the role of marketing in business.

  Marketing Principles and Practice       Assignment Scenario  You have just secured a position in the business development section of a small local organisation, the ‘Yummy Cupcake Company’. The business has seen a steady growth in the market for professional and attractive cupcakes but it is hoping to grow further and is looking to develop the marketing strategy to reach out to new markets.  As you have studied marketing in your qualification, you have been asked to investigate the principles and practice of marketing to inform the senior m... More