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Section 1- To be completed by the ‘Andit Assistant’ ofthe Audit Team

Section 1- To be completed by the 'Andit Assistant' ofthe Audit Team Subsidiary 1- Carpets Interuatioual (USA) Limited (Case for Audit Assistant) You are a Graduate Audit Assistant involved in the audit of Carpets International (USA) Limited, a subsidiary company of Las Vegas Group Corporation (USA) Limited. The client has presented you with the following_draft Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Financial Performance as follows: Unaudited Audited 11 months 12 months 30/ll/X2 31/12/X1 $'000 $'000 ... More

Andit Cases – A Practical Approach to Auditing – Accounting Audit Assignment

1.0   Introduction Audit Firm: Assume that you are part of the highly qualified audit team employed by the Disney Land Audit Company Limited, an auditing Finn, which is internationally recognized and one of the largest professional accounting Finn globally. Your audit team comprises of 5 members who are as follows: Audit team: Memberl     -     Audit Assistant/Junior Member2    -     Audit Senior Member3    -   Audit Supervisor Member4   -     Audit Manager MemberS    -   Audit Partner Disney Land Audit & Co, has been c... More

MATLAB Assignment Based on Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering

MATLAB is a high-level programming language which allows an interactive environment for the computation, programming and visualization. A combination of these advanced tools built in the mathematical functions as well language in the MATLAB that allows the user in getting the solution faster as compared to any other programming language. It has a combination of advanced tools and built-in mathematical language and function. Thus, it allows the user faster solutions to their problems. MATLAB is widely used in Numerical Methods in Biomedical Eng... More

Essay on Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation (ANMF)

  SNPG923 Assessment Task 2- Task 2 Weighting : 30%   Essay (2000 words) Task Description : Victims  of abuse are regularly treated by healthcare services. The Australian Nursing  & Midwifery Federation (ANMF) has a number of policies relating to vulnerable members of the community. "Older people have the right to be treated   with respect and dignity, whether they are being cared for in their own homes or in residential aged care."https:/ Nurses and midwives... More

Project Management Case Study on P&G

  Project Management Case Study Project:                     P&G in India Assessment Brief: Words: 3000 Topic: case study Document Type: Other Subject: Project Management Number of Words: 3000 Citation/Referencing Style: APA Description:  Procter & Gamble (P&G), established in 1837, is a multinational company and one of the largest consumer packaged goods companies   in   the   world,   providing   personal  care   products, cleaning agents food and beverage. It operates in 80 countries with  129,000  ... More

case study on Nursing- An 87-year-old man comes into the emergency department after fainting in church

  Case Study An 87-year-old man comes into the emergency department after fainting in church. He “came to” fairly quickly however EMS was called. When EMS arrived, BP was 100/60 with a pulse of 120 and regular. He was oriented to person but kept asking where he was. EMS was unable to get an IV in place – veins kept rolling. He arrived in the ED mildly confused but pleasant. He was asked to stand up and get on a bed and became very dizzy with standing. His daughter arrived and reported that her father had diarrhea for a few days after ... More

Case Study on Wong Manufacturing Company (WMC)

Description (Individual Case Study 2 (2000 words) , Wtg% : 45 WMC is a 55 year old company founded by Sofea Wong (with financial assistance and business guidance from her parents) in the early 1960s in Malaysia.  The principle business is in manufacturing and selling wholesale cotton and wool fabric to local retailers and buyers, including designers in Malaysia.  Before setting up her manufacturing business, Sofea had travelled the world and spent about 10 years in Australia studying and working in the Australian textile industry in Sydney a... More

Use the WMC case information from Case Study 1

Description (Individual Case Study 2 (2000 words)  Wtg% : 45 ======= Task Required: Based on your analysis of WMC in Case Study 1, you are now required to continue your external change advice to WMC.  Case Study 2 requires you to identify theories that will assist with change intervention ideas to solve the company’s range of change issues. Use the same list of issues and assumptions from Case Study 1.  However, if needed, add additional relationship and behavioural assumptions based on less than perfect information as follows: ... More

Comparative Analysis of Theories and Models of Practice in Advocacy and Social Change

ASSESSMENT 3: Comparative analysis of theories and models of practice in advocacy and social change   Write a 3,000 word essay on the comparative analysis of 2 models of advocacy and 2 models of social action based on real case-studies since 1990. The case-studies can be from anywhere in the world and from media or academic literature. The main aim of this essay is to link theories of individual and social change with models of advocacy and social practice. The essay should be structured as such: Introduction 2 Models of adv... More

Assignment Task- Health and Safety Case Studies Question & Answers

Assignment Task- Health and Safety Case Studies Case study 1: A health care worker is standing beside the bed of a patient. The patient is coughing and is not covering their mouth. The patient has a wound drainage bag at the side of his bed. This is leaking into the floor. The health care worker is wearing a bloodstained apron, has no gloves on and has blood on her hands What are the infection risks (list at least 5) What other risks are there (list at least 3) How would you respond to the risk (approx 200 words) More

Report for a Corporate Finance MBA Coursework Question and Answer

2,000 words report for a corporate finance MBA coursework Assignment tasks: Select a company listed on an internationally recognised and well-established Stock Exchange (see below for choice of company): Discuss how successful the company has been at delivering value to its shareholders over the past 5 years. Complete an EVA analysis of your company for the last 5 years. Clearly show your work rather than using final EVA numbers from another source. Analyse the Total Shareholder Return (TSR) of the company for the past 5 years, including ... More

Finance Investment Analysis Assignment Q&A

Due to the reputation of UTS for producing work-ready  graduates, you are head-hunted by a small asset  management  firm to work part-time as  a portfolio manager whilst you complete your degree. After learning all about mean-variance analysis and efficient asset allocation in 25503 Investment  Analysis you are hoping to employ some of the tools you have learned in constructing your very first portfolio. It is your first day on the job and your boss is keen to see  how much you really know. She provides you with a list of five asset classes an... More

Group assignment-Analysing the key elements of the marketing plan for this product/service from an Australian company

Report (2000 words} Wr tten report should focus on keyideas with an associated journal article for eacll idea and a discussion of •Nflich ideas are most mportant and why. The report shou d demonsttate a knowledge of theory and an appteciatioo of how to apply th s theol)' torealwor d problems. The report should be t ghtly argued w1th small steps of ogic. Key Recommendations must be clear Harvard referencing is required format: The assignment shouki be written in ccport fOfmat. Suggested structunis: as foUows: I. Company Backgtound an... More

INTEGRATED CASE STUDY REPORT QUESTIONS: Aetiology and pathophysiology -Bioscience

PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BELOW, IN RELATION TO THE CASE STUDY PROVIDED 1200 words limit - Remember your answers need to reflect the case study Focus Area One - Aetiology and pathophysiology Describe in brief the aetiology of Describe in brief the pathophysiology of Pneumonia. Relate this back to the Case study provided. Focus Area Two - Clinical signs and symptoms and clinical assessment. Describe the typical signs and symptoms of Pneumonia. Discuss the full clinical assessment of a patient presenting with Pneumonia (... More

PMP Critique -IT Project Management Assignment Q&A

Task -PMP Critique Worth 20% (50 marks) Requirements Your critical analysis will understand (interpret and summarise), analyse and evaluate (judge) key aspects of the assigned PMP. You should adopt Schwalbe (2014, pp.161-164) and the PMI’s (2013, p.76-77) PMBOK Guide as frameworks for comparison and evaluation. Your report should be presented in a business or management style and structured as follows: Title page; Executive summary; Table of contents; Analysis of PMP: -Introduction; -Organisation; -Management and technica... More

CO5119Business Law essay assignment Q & A

The Question Peter wants to sell one of his cars that has a diesel motor to his nephew Brett. Brett is eager to purchase the car but Brett does not realise that one of his uncle’s cars is diesel. Peter writes a letter to Brett as follows: “Dear Brett, I know that you are interested in buying one of my cars. I would like to give it to you but I know that you won’t accept charity. Therefore I will offer it to you for $500 (I reckon it is worth about $2,000). If I don’t hear from you by this Friday I take it that you are happy to buy it for $5... More

Case Study Assignment on Commercial Law 2017 – Essay Questions

Case Study Assignment on Commercial Law  2017 Assessment 2 - Essay Questions Question 1  Benji was a first grade league player of Western Tigers Rugby League Football Club. During a friendly game against the Parramatta Storms Rugby League Club (the “Parramatta Storms”), Benji was tackled by Jack and Bronco, two Parramatta Storm players while carrying the ball forward.   He was picked up off the ground and slammed bead first back into the ground by the two players in what is known as a “spear tackle”.  As a result of the tackle, Benji was seri... More

Case Study Assignment on Lead and Manage Organisational Change

Assessment Task 1 – Case Study : Lead and Manage Organisational Change case study assignments on Lead and Manage Organisational Change |change management strategies | human resources development | human resources management | strategic policy or planning area Read the following case study and answer the questions that follow Margaret House, CEO of Bounce Fitness, has asked you to act as the Change Management Agent for an initiative to be undertaken nationally at Bounce Fitness Centres. You have been asked to prepare a change management pr... More

Epidemiology & Environmental Health Assignment Help

Epidemiology & Environmental Health Assignment 2: LITERATURE APPRAISAL QUESTIONS                                                                                             (Total: 25 marks) (a) What is the advantage of using a matched case-control design compared to an unmatched case-control design? (b) What variables were matched? (4 marks) How was information about exposures obtained in the case-control design? (1 mark) What is the main advantage of having broader definition of the outcome in the cohort study compare... More

Organisational Development Assignment Help

ASSESSMENT 1 PROJECT For this task, you are to consider an area wither within your RTO, a business of your choice, or Your own Small  business that IS in need of improvement, modification or expansion. You are to consider this area, and develop a detailed organisation development plan which clearly addresses what is to be developed and why, and how.   ln developing your plan, you must: Analyze the organisations strategic plans to determine organisation development needs and objectives. Consult with relevant groups and individuals to... More