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Medical & Nursing

  Case Study Assignment Form Jim’s Immunotherapy Chart

Assignment 3 – Case Study (essay) Word limit: 3000 Grade Worth: 35 % Due Date: Friday June 8th 5pm (South Australia Time zone) This assignment requires students to critically review a case study and answer the questions in the format of an essay as detailed below. In reviewing the case study and answering the questions, you should draw on the fundamental concepts related to allergic conditions and allergy nursing best practice that you have learned in the course, including additional evidence-based resources and scholarly literature. Your ... More

  NUTN402 Nutrition and Health Promotion Assessment 3 Public health nutrition programme plan

NUTN402 Nutrition and Health Promotion Assessment 3. Public health nutrition programme plan 55% of final assessment Submit online by 11pm: 15 May 2018 Learning objective In completing this assignment, you will develop an integrated* understanding of planning “target audiencecentred”, “theory-informed” public health nutrition programmes that reduce inequalities in health. (* You are expected to synthesise learning from Modules 1-5 and Assessments 1 & 2.) Task Plan a two-year public health nutrition programme to improve the targe... More

  Case study on Nursing Praxis Paper Assignment

Nursing Praxis Paper (30%) Assignment 1 (6-7 pages) Choose a case study situation to illustrate how you would approach a person(s)’ care from the perspective of human science based nursing approaches. How would you learn about the person’s needs? What would you have to consider within the person’s social and physical environment? How would you advocate without being paternalistic to make it possible to meet the needs of the person? Please, also refer back to readings from the Theoretical and Philosophical Nursing Foundations course (5100) a... More